Chapels of Cyclades

The Greek sun was bleached, sometimes along the wave, sometimes sitting on the top of a mountain or hidden between the rocks and dense vegetation, our chapels are unique and they are familiar with Greek landscapes.

Under the blue sky, the white and white chapels are calm and blend harmoniously with the unique Greek landscape. The farthest are waiting for their guests, or the day of the holy fever, to consecrate the goods and flood the world. Everything has its own unique story, and many are related to the myths and traditions of their place.

Some have been collected and presented to you as a summer approach, and one of one of us is found. Enjoy them while sailing, and don't hesitate to share them with your friends.

1 Agios Stefanos – Island of Syros

Agios Stefanos, southwest of the city of Syris, in Galissas, a small Catholic chapel built literally in a cave just above the sea. There was no need for floor and ceiling for this. Only two walls were built right and left. According to tradition, the chapel of Agios Stefanos built a fisherman from Galissas, Stefanos, who was endangered by a huge octopus pulled into the sea. He vowed to Saint Stephen to save him and build the chapel at this remote point.

2. Panagia Tourliani – Island Milos

This is a small church on a hill above Klima. In addition to being in interest, the visitor has the opportunity to admire the island, the Adamas bay and the sunset.

3. Panagia Kalamiotissa – Anafi

The monastery of Zoodochos Pigi or Panagia Kalamiotissa is located in a narrow fog that separates the main volume of the island from the Kalamos peninsula. Apollo was built on the site of Anonymous Ancient Temple, which connected the city to the Iera Odos rock (parts still remain). Both the church and the walls of the house that are part of the present monastery's house are quite tall.

4. Panagia Kastriani – Island of Kea

She is the patron saint of the island, the beloved Virgin of the inhabitants, who is seeking grace for help and protection. It was built on a steep hill above the sea, as an extra-church pilgrimage church with many weddings and baptisms. The wonderful icon of the Virgin Mary was found after the shepherd's vision of the region in 1710. The wonderful natural environment, the power of the sea and the memorable religious atmosphere create spiritual satisfaction and euphoria.

5. Panagia Hozoviotissa – Amorgos Island

The monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa is located on the southern, steep slope of Amorgos. The barren, located in threatening rocks, can only be seen from the sea, which is extremely widespread on the 300-meter-high rocks. His white, non-conspicuous face blends wonderfully with the colorful, uneven rocks. Only the white geometric volumes and the strictly linear contours of the building, which, with the cooperation of light, create a tiered surface.

6. Panagia Thalassini – Andros Island

Built on a rock at sea, at the entrance to the country. According to tradition, Panagia Thalassini protects sea travelers alongside Agios Nikolaos. On a lively night, the Virgin Mary's iconic light came from the sea to the beach. The people of the island followed the light that led to a small cave. Surprised by the seaweed in the cave, he saw the picture of the Virgin Mary. They worshiped him and bought him in the St. Louis chapel. Athanasius. The next day, however, the picture turned to his cave. So the islanders decided to build a church above the cave. The construction work on the temple was quickly completed and Ecclesia was almost ready in a very short time. But the roof was missing because there was no wood. The Virgin Mary took care of her. In addition to Andros, the sea has openly lifted the tree. The captain, together with the sailors, asked the Virgin to save them from the immediate danger. The ship was enlightened by putting the tree in the sea. So the ship was rescued. The tree was slowly descending to the shore near the cave, so that the craftsmen could explore the undiscovered temple. Because the tree was unexpectedly discovered, and at the time it was really a goddess, the Church of Our Lady was called Theoskepasti.

7. Panagia – Folegandros Island

Panagia is the most famous temple in Folegandros, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is built on the rock above the Chora, and the whitewashed color dominates the site of the ancient temple where building material was used.

The Church has a virgin statue dating back to Byzantine times. The image is wonderful according to local traditions and is linked to many stories of attacks by pirates and other legends.

In the old days of May 1790, shortly before the uprising of Lambros Katsonis, the Aegean Islands threatened 18 skirts with Algerian pirates with the worst pirates in the Aegean Sea. The island was threatened and peacefully loving inmates went to the Church of the Virgin Mary to protect them. After praying with devotion and crying despair and hoping for the help of the Virgin Mary, they took the picture and were taken to the edge of the rock to save them. Then a terrible breeze blew wildly, pulled out the pirates and strangled them against all the terrible pirates. Only a Christian in captivity was floating on the ground, and when he reached the salvation of the faithful believers, he told them that before the ships fell, he saw a large light falling off the rock and beat the ships. Everyone attributed the event to the miracle of Our Lady, and since then the locals have held the May Day as a great celebration.

8. Panagia Chrysopigi – Island Sifnos

The View of Panagia Chrysopigi in Sifnos, when you descend on the path that is approaching you. The whitewashed church was sitting on a rock at sea. The small dome separating the two beaches of Faros is dominated by the monastery, which is now inactive and available to visitors. It was built in 1615 by the image of Zoodohos Pigi, which the fishermen saved from the sea.

9. Agios Sozos – Naxos

The lush, white washed chapel of Agios Sozos, located on a cliff in the Kalantos area, is one of the magical images that never leaves the memory. It was built by a merchant who was fishing in the area, and because the goods were oil and wine, when the fight with the waves was fought, he gave God a vow that if he saved, he would build an oil and wine chapel. The area. He built it, threw it in the base oil and wine and let Saint Sozos name it. To enjoy it, you only have to walk through a beautiful journey from the beach of Agiassos or under a sailboat on the private trip in the Little Cyclades

. Saint Anthony "Atratoudistos" – Santorini Island

St. Anthony "Atratoudistos" (1050) is a small chapel in the throat of the Thira land and is located in a beautiful mountain area. Imerovigli caldera in Santorini. In the volcanic walls of the church, there are 1750 frescoes, which partly opposed the face during the Turkish rule. According to the description of the inhabitants of the region, they were told that the Holy icon was found at the present place of St. John in the present place of the church. Mark's Church, but the next day it was found at its original point. This happened several times until the existing church was built.

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