Children's home battle – advice on how to bring peace to your detention situation

All the struggles and tensions that may be placed in child custody are no wonder many divorced parents say they are holding a battle arrest. Parents can deal with a number of issues that parents disagree with, and it is very difficult to find a solution. Many parents want the children of their children's wars to be no less, and rather a negotiation and a joint work – it takes a lot of stress and is better for the kids. Here are some tips on how to bring peace to your battle.

first Create a fair visit schedule. Do not try to deceive the ex at any time with the child. Sit down and create a legitimate schedule that gives you the right time to parental control. So if ex hurls charges against you, you can safely show the calendar and explain that everything is just. Also be flexible about the schedule of the visit. Do not be stubborn for things that do not really matter – if the ex wants to visit a particular day, do not close it if you do not have a really good reason. Share holidays, school breaks, and leave time. If the other parent of the child sees an inequitable and equitable action, he / she must follow the claim.

2nd Instead of being angry, write them down. If the ex constantly does things that are contrary to their child agreement, do not rise up. Instead, explain to the other child's parent to follow these shifts to show the judge in court. Describe the date of the offense and what happens (for example, your one-time spouse left the children one hour later). Keep a record of these and bring it to court and show it to the judge. This is better because if you want to submit a petition for a new order, you will receive the necessary evidence. And when your former spouse finds out that he does not press the keys that you want – and if they come to court, if they continue their behavior, they will probably stop.

3rd Focus on communication with your child. You should talk to your ex. This may be unpleasant, but reality. So, in order to be productive, focus on your child's discussions and relevant information. You may want to set a timetable every week when talking about children. So you can make everything and know exactly when to talk to your ex. Keep the meeting or conversation at the center of the kids – you may want to set up a calendar to avoid leaving. If your former spouse deals with other things, answer: "It's time to talk about the kids." When you talk about things recently, you will not have so many arguments.

Not everyone has the ideal position in a peaceful child custody case, but battle less and your peace is greater than yours if you set up a fair schedule of visits, is productive with your anger, and focuses on your children's communication. you can spend less energy and spend more energy on energy.



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