Choose Peace – Four Steps to Maintain Peace in Your Life

Imagine that every person lives in peace in life. You can say I dream, but I'm not the only one. I hope you will join us one day and the world will live. ~ John Lennon

This is a word that has been used and abused to blur its real meaning.

The purest form is stronger than consensus, anger, release, or hatred.

It is faster to restore harmony than any other human feeling, action, or effort.

And able to stop stress and conflicts in a moment. DE, requires to collaborate and accept your .

Of course I'm talking about peace. # 39;

Peace is a calm centeredness. It provides security in the midst of confusion, with stressful moments with calm joy and calmness in chaotic situations.

Peace is the finals of your life. He says when your thoughts, words, and actions are "out of control". He says he is "safe" when he makes the right choices. Peace is your home base (your heart) and tells you that you are a winner or a loser.

It is a part of inner peace that is closely related to the divine spirit. It's a spiritual switch. And you are the operator.

So how do you find this peaceful place?

First, recognize it when you are not in peace.
Our minds and bodies have countless signs that tell us when we have no control. Stress, anger, frustration, anxiety. Headache, increased breathing, muscle tension, stomach pain. Every symptom, no reason. They indicate that peace is missing.

Next, STOP Whatever you do, stop it.
Breathe deeply and slowly. Take a moment to meditate where you are, how you feel … and why. Ask yourself the very important question: "Is this situation worth losing peace?"

Are you interested in your spouse? Are the results – or lack thereof – all of them grasping the turmoil and stress?

Do the kids hate the "hot" button? Will you solve your own horror?

Is your business that you did it? & # 39; In fact this is the situation – or your attitude? Is it worth touching the stress you feel to change your mind?

Recognizes that YOU are the one who maintains emotional turmoil. You forgot to let peace be the decisive one. My favorite "trigger" is the question: "Will it be important next Tuesday?" This is my way to remind myself that whatever IT is, it is not worth my anger, frustration and stress.

Third, talk to yourself
Tell yourself – aloud if possible – "I will not go there, I will not let this situation direct my thoughts and emotions."

If you have someone else, tell them to you decide not to pursue the conflict Explain that peace is more like victory If you need to apologize for your patience You do not have to agree to their position of apology for the wrong behavior You accept the responsibility for your own actions and

Fourth, join in with joy
Tap on. Collect someone – even if this is the person you are opposed to It was a human being, it was an intriguing, healing one

laughing, maybe laughing deliberately, give me a laugh, smile, after all, God is probably a kunco g, we are very human cheerful and follies. With the smile on your face, immediate attitude can be adjusted.

The Bible tells us "to seek peace and pursue it" (34:14). If you do this, if you decide that peace is the decisive one, you will retain the peace and joy that God wanted for you. Then it will be a real success, win in every position. Now the Lord of Peace alone can always give you peace at all times and in all situations (2Ti 3:16).



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