Christian Relationship Help: What anxiety contributes to dysfunction in difficult relationships

Looking for a Christian relationship that helps us understand how anxiety contributes to dysfunction in difficult relationships? Then this article will help you.

Anxiety is a feeling of confusion or disorder that is experienced as a mental or emotional disorder. Anxiety is not comfortable, and people generally respond to getting rid of anxiety-related anxiety that comes from all types of difficult conditions. As shown below, each of them is off:

1. Under-Reaction – The distance, stopping, becoming addicted or incompetent of people, or avoiding emotions when they engage in activity, follow and / or withdraw dependencies.

2nd Overreaction – People say too much, try to control, float, talk, improve, tell others what to do, lead, be emotionally intense, fight, blame, try and / or seek closeness [19659002] The formula works like this: anxiety + reactivity = dysfunction and more anxiety + more reactivity = more dysfunction So the solution is to treat anxiety in a healthy way so it won't overreact or overreact.

He faces this with his fears and the treatment of anxiety. This allows you to make better decisions. You also need to learn how to speak the truth in love, let go, or things you can't control, set boundaries, take care of yourself, separate yourself with love, and focus on changing yourself. Anxiety is also present in the relationship and can respond to understanding why they do what they do. This should help make them less responsive. If you can identify anxiety and manage it more effectively, the debate becomes more likely, understanding, resolution, and debate is likely to work and become less crazy even if you change the reactions

. this is the anxiety: "Don't worry about anything but pray and pray, thanksgiving, your requests for God. And the peace of God, which goes beyond all understanding, preserves your heart and the mind of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 4: 6-7, NIV). Peace prevents overreaction and underreaction. This helps you to first process the situation with the Lord, which allows you to treat it as it is not from fear but from power




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