Chronic Pain – How To Cure With Intellectual Recipes (Part Two)

In the second part of this series, this article examines our ability and our inward capability to reach our own healing powers rather than transferring income to someone else.

Although everyone has the opportunity to become the best healer, it is not the choice that many believe and trust. We are professionally prepared to seek out our health and healing outside.

Ayurvedic medicine, the world's first and oldest medical and healing system, claims that all illness has been caused by the mind's failure and this seems strange, I think it is just: the most important beliefs and stories in their minds (which are usually rooted in one of the three universal fears), we create physical, mental, emotional and energetic constraints in our bodies, bodies, and spirits.

When we decide to read these beliefs about ourselves and the world, we lose fear. Towards self-love and divine health [19659002] – We stop the acceptance of fear-based medicine and the media.

– We do not accept and believe in social systems that are designed to guide us and deliver "great money" to special interest groups and businesses.

Even in the holistic healing community, I have observed fear-based exercises so that clients can "come back again" … more therapies, treatments, and herbs. When I made a conscious choice and decision to get out of the wheelchair and heal my body, I decided that I did not believe that employee compensation and disability schemes were designed to support me or anyone with long-term health and well-being.

I stopped to set the lies and go to the truth:

We are the energetic beings born by the magical, mystical divine vitality created by love that has fully expressed itself as peace, health and happiness .

If I can do it, anyone can. You only need the right tools and support.

We have a divine order in our bodies, please look. Our body knows how to be healthy. We can leave the idea that we are not worthy of lively health or that our body will break down and turn against us. We recognize that we do not have to look for, beg or pray for it. This is our natural and divine state and our firstborn. All we have to do is allow it.

How do we let it go? Allow us to align ourselves with the truth. We are going to belive, dissolve false beliefs, and decide to move to our fullness. So we will be our best healer and our inner authority and will not give up power.

This is what I met during my 10-year trip. I can share my insights I've learned and the tools I've used in my book, "God is a pink cloud." I was forced and God / Ghost led me to stare at myself. I got the chance. We all got the chance. But our present faith and our free will often distract us. If you live with chronic pain or illness, you may have a mental recipe, not a medical prescription.



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