Collecting Peace

Some people have a very special gift: they embody the presence of peace. If we have the chance to be as close to it as we are, we feel relaxed. The inner peace is radiated in such a way that it touches deeply. The presence of their inner peace still attracts our wandering thoughts and reassures our concerns.

If you have the chance at all times to live with the soul living in eternity, then we can feel this delightful peace source and joy. By virtue of their presence, we are able to connect to this source as well. Their inner calmness reasserts the turbulence of the world around them and teaches us how to find peace.

You can also learn to live this way. Stay away from the place of inner peace is not only reserved for gurus and spiritual masters. It is a learned behavior, just as learning the constant worry

It is a learned way to hurry and move through life as if you do not need somewhere else at this moment. You can move to life as if you were exactly where you were, as if you were coming at every step. Every moment of your waking consciousness brings you closer to this perennial peace that appears in the following: Now [1959:0000] When you decide to move through life, you will dissolve your isolation from the world. You begin to remember that you are not a separate person who started to avoid getting to the wrong and getting good things. Instead, you begin to feel your relationship with the whole world like drops that remember that they belong to the ocean. The drop in water does not have to be done – it simply feels the embrace of the ocean and allows you to carry with you the present at all present moments.

Inner peace is its core; the inner voice that whisperes when the soft sound of the material world is matched. In order to live a real life and live in peace, we must absolutely learn how to be present at all moments of the spiritual core and to live from inner presence rather than respond to external chaos.

When we forget this, we are doing things that cause pain or divorce between each other and others. We become reactive; then we can misunderstand others and wander in fear or anger. And then we beat the guilty, the shame and the regret.

You can not change the past, but you can do it. The power of the healing of the past lies at this moment. From this place of consciousness you can choose forgiveness and reconciliation to overcome misunderstandings, anger and sorrow. Right at this very moment now that the healing work should be done to free ourselves.

No matter how difficult the challenges of the past are, it's over. You are here Now reading these words. Live Now ! She thinks it's a treasure that you are alive at this moment and seizes the possibility of healing. Sit down quietly and go in, meditate on looking deep and destroying the wounds, prejudices and mistakes of the past. Accept the opportunity offered by the presence of Now so you can be free.

This moment offers a present. This allows you to forgive, heal and return to peace, which is your natural state. Life is present at this moment waiting for you to decide what to do with it and your decisions determine the quality of peace.



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