Construction practices – foundations


After patchwork repair, we are ready to start a crawlspace home cmu base block. Make sure the base of the concrete is clean and all 5/8 "threads are up, the first cmu block must go straight and straight and start the lowest" step "." If the lowest point ends in one step, then the second run of the block must be run and the lowest downhill second path if it is correct will proceed to the next altitude as compared to its first course [19659002] This process will continue until the total number of steps passes and the block around the frames, which means that all the blocks are evenly around the circumference. Determine the ventilation required for the crawl area and the lateral block for air flow or bricks located vertically on the military track, the proper bleeding should normally be measured per square meter of 1 square meter after the cmu blocks are placed in the circular horizontal position – the crawl height it must be determined.

The height of the crawlspace should normally be 24 to 36 "in relation to low horizontal framing This practice typically prevents a sufficient amount of airflow in the crawl area Keep this in mind when determining the height of the perimeter cube cmu piers in the perimeter This is to be constructed by a structural engineer or by a state-approved architect, with the arrangement of the floor and the beams being placed (bent beams or beams) .Bucks are usually loaded in solid concrete by code and all 5/8 " around the fiber around the circumference.



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