Corrie's Ten Boom – The Roots of Jerusalem's Prayer Team

Corrie was a member of the ten Boom families who are devoted Christians who serve only human beings as the Lord's worship. Those in need have to go home and welcome them with open arms. The Second World War broke out and Corrie's family received as many refugees as they could. The Nazis hunted Jews and the ten Booms helped the Jews who fled. Altogether, more than 800 Jews were rescued from the Nazi death camp. Casper's ten Boom, the father knew that by helping these people, he risked his life and family, but that's why they wanted to live up to their faith.

In 1944, the secret police of the Nazis betrayed them and abused their homes. The secret police were trapped and captured more people trying to go home. That night they took over twenty people and included Caspert, Betsiet and Corrie, and his nephew Peter and Willem and Nollie brothers. Fortunately, the Jews living in the house hid themselves behind the secret hiding behind the false wall.

Unfortunately, Casper died 10 days after the hearing. Corrie's ten Boom and Betsie spent 10 ruthless months from one prison to another, but spent time together with Jesus' love and were able to convert more women into Christianity. Betsie died at the Ravensbruck concentration camp, but Corrie lived.

Corrie's ten Boom received many awards for his family's commitment to help save as many people as they could. Many honors were offered to him and he also received the honor of the war heroes from the Netherlands's own queen.

The Jerusalem praying team follows the traditions of the ten Boom families who prayed for Israel's restoration and peace in Jerusalem. Due to the great inspiration and impact of the ten Boom families, team members have launched a virtual museum where they can visit their home and hideout, as you are really there.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is currently using the power of the Internet to get more people in Jerusalem's prayer. The Bible states that Jerusalem is the eternal covenant of God to the people. War in Israel continues to pray for peace in Israel and Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a nonprofit organization. Despite targeting peace in Jerusalem, Israel is not financed at all. It is funded by the generous people who believe in their advocacy and are willing to share their blessings with them. You can join them for interest representation, simply subscribe and pray daily for Jerusalem. They strive for more than 100,000 American people to pray for peace every day.



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