Courage, fear and peace bridge

Change and loss marking life on the physical plane. Finally, we lose everything, including our loved ones, our possessions, and finally the body. At death, we face the depth, the infinite unknown. Fear, a natural and intelligent response to these changes, has two key functions. This identifies the nature of the hazards we face and helps us to develop the best survival strategy.

Fear itself becomes a problem if we avoid it. If we run, he uses his own life. Though we can temporarily win comfort, if we push our fear into the subconscious, we will not be resting. Rather, he gives fearful imaginary chronic worries and doubts to the mind. You can panic or fright. Irrational fear raises energy, destroys judgment, disadvantages health and hampers psychological and spiritual growth.

Fear is often difficult to detect: we design all sorts of creative disguises to avoid it. If we sink deep enough, there is fear, anger, jealousy, addiction, addiction, self-reliance, and rigid beliefs. To get rid of fear, we first have to remove many of its costumes, we must face it directly and we must face it boldly.

Courage is the bridge between fear and peace. When we are boldly working on our fears, a new level of peace and strength is slowly emerging. If we are confronted with it until it passes away, we finally reach the grand prize, the soulless fearless peace.

In our common consciousness, we feel insecure, knowing that we can lose anything at any time. In the soul consciousness we feel safe because there is nothing to lose. The soul is conscious, immortal peace. Nothing can touch the soul. Forever protected and safe. With persistent spiritual practice, we can shift from the fear and insecurity of the material plane to the constant peace of the soul.

The key to maintaining peace is the mind. Everything that is happening is perceived by the mind. But the mind defines the body's response. The mind is conditioned to respond to fear or rest. When the mind responds with fearsome thoughts, the body is elevated heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath, butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth, and feelings of impending doom. If the soul remains calm, the body remains calm.

By exercising spiritual methods, we can resume the mind so that we can remain silent in fearful circumstances. Usually, we use a small portion of our concentrations, so our consciousness remains sensitive to the thoughts of fear and insecurity. Concentrated minds continue to focus on the peace of the soul, no matter what. In fact, our job is to change the thoughts of fear through the peace of peace through awareness, meditation, presence of God, statements, yoga, and other techniques. With persistent practice, the mind is calm, positive, strong, and under all circumstances. Finally, we can reach the state of mind over fearlessness.

There are three stages of fear. In the first phase, we try to avoid fear. This increases it. In the second stage we are boldly confronted with all our fears. Peace slowly replaces fear. In the third stage, we reach the constant peace of the soul.

Fear is just an enemy if we run and hide. If we wave the waves until they leak, it will give us the power. The next process offers a way to help us overcome our fears:


1. Introspection

2. Spiritual Practice

3. Grace

4. Mastery


To gain soul peace, we must determine our fear of being directly or disguised as a disguise. Fear can occur directly in the form of heart rate, respiratory distress, tremors, gastric lavage, dry mouth, or near fatality.

Fear can appear indirectly as anger, rigid beliefs, self-esteem, domination, aggression or addiction. To reach deeper peace states, we must face these hidden fears. Let's start by protecting our defenses through introspection. Then we are in direct contact with our fears.

To retreat from your fears, let's go back to a quiet place. Practice deep breath and meditation to achieve silence. Going deep. Ask your subconscious and your Higher Strengths to guide your hidden fears. Be patient. Listen to the soft voice. Let there be nothing in the way of truth. Finally, you realize that fear lies behind the many defenses


Fear is a heavy emotion for the master, but we can do it. We can be the masters of fear when faced with it. We have to stand on our ground, enter the fear and let's see it. This is difficult, painful, and requires long-term practice. Perseverance and endurance can slowly reduce our fears, extend our peace, and ultimately reach the constant peace of the soul. As you experience fear, practice one of the following techniques or combinations:

a. Breathe: Practice deep abdominal breathing

b. Progressive muscle relaxation: Tighten and relax our muscles.

c. Reinforcements: We can reinforce the existence of the unspeakable peace of the soul even if we do not feel it. We can affirm the allegations of strength, courage, heroism, endurance, faith, trust, faith, confidence, power, and immortality

d. Imagine: In bold peace we can imagine ourselves, even if they pass through the hearing

. Warning: Skill practice will help us pass the moment, stand and keep our earth. We are awake, we are aware, and we are ready for something. This is a psychic warrior's position.

f. Meditation: In the silence of deep meditation, the peace of God dissolves all traces of fear

g. Activities: If you are afraid, you may be distracted by constructive meaningful activities such as relaxation, socialization, works, and hobbies. The methods or other methods described in the book can be practiced in any convenient combination. We endure, fight to fight for courage and the best. While we are part of it, we can get more help if we turn to higher power and a bottomless resource. To get in touch with Higher Power, choose an image, practice God's presence, pray and believe

. Select a picture: You can choose an image such as Father, Mother, Buddha, Krsna, Christ, and so on. The image represents the benevolence of God. The relationship with the image is made stronger than the fear that confronts us. We use our wills, thoughts, feelings, and concentrations in our image. We hold the picture as the waves of fear move on our being. If the image disappears, it will be returned.

i. Exercising the Presence of God: God Is All-Out Peace. In the light of our fear we can exercise the presence of God as a constant peace in ourselves. There's just the stormy weather.

j. Praying: We can talk to God and ask for help. We can tell him that we want to experience the unmistakable peace of the soul.

k. Hit: We believe in God Almighty Commanding Power. He's there, helping and steering. You can not do it.


When we have our part, grace flows. We know God is here, helps, protects, directs, and cares. God's power is infinitely greater than our fear. In his schedule, he comes to our rescue. Turbulent waves of fear descend. Peace Comes


When fear returns, we continue our spiritual practice. We slowly gain our trust and trust as we realize that our effort, in combination with God's grace, reaches us through anything. In learning, we are going forward without fear because we know that God is there and takes us safely. Nothing can touch us here, nothing can hurt us and nothing can touch us. We Are Fearless Peace


o Fear is only the enemy if we do not face it

o We are afraid of what we can not control. However, if we can not change bad external circumstances, we can boldly respond. Courage is the bridge between fear and peace. Ultimately, we will achieve constant peace.

o Most problems focus on the future. Eliminate the habits of worry if we try to focus our attention on the present, for a day or a moment. Focus on the present by exercising consciousness, breathing and assertions. At the moment, all you have to do is work and you just have to. When you are worried you become uncertain, you will be afraid to use your will and thought to guide yourself to the state of faith, trust, faith, and positive thinking. You can learn to respond to any event that has the same courage

o Despite the variety and excitement offered by the future, we resist and fear the change and the unknown. When you are afraid, calm the unconditional peace. Even if you are not calm, rest your peace with faith and concentration. It is in the interior of peace, waiting to come out if it is to fight with courage and perseverance.

I am awesome peace

o I fear the face


o I am calm

o Courage and faith dissolve my fears

o I have had many difficult problems. I can get the following thing:

o I am constantly and thoughtful about the trouble.

o I rise every time I fail

o Love and faith give me courage.

o to endure. Hold on. I have the courage.

o For a minute, I'll stay in fear. My courage is woman

o I will remain in fear for a while. My Courage Woman

o Stay in fear until it's over. My courage is woman

Oh grace is under pressure

O I will take life.

No pain, the unknown and death pain.

o God is the peace. Wherever I am, there is God. Peace

o Peace is Consumed by Anxiety

o My love is stronger than fear

o In the ocean of peace I will be deeply distant from the turbulent surface waves who try to engage me.

Oh, I'm awesome peace.


1. Fear of fear as a natural and intelligent response to life on the physical plane

. What if we do not face our fears?

3rd What disguises are afraid of your life?

4th Describe the Relationship between Fear, Courage and Peace

5. Describe the peace of the soul.

6th Discuss the Importance of Mind in Treating Fear

. Describe and practice the four steps of the fear management process

8. Look at your fears. Get in the middle. Stay up. Stop it. Practice allegations, breathing, presence of God, attention, yoga, and other spiritual methods with will, intensity, and concentration. Fear and perseverance. Practice these methods throughout your life. Continue fighting as long as you live. Finally, when your soul exits from your body,

Keep your image in God to help withstand the unknown mistake.



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