Create a large foundation with your Foundation

Many believe the foundation is just another element of makeup and nothing more. It is assumed that its foundation is because its pores are clogged, its face becomes dry or oily, and the foundation usually adds an extra unnecessary wrinkle to your face.

However, this is not true. Of course, if you choose a wrong basis, sometimes the oily skin and the dry skin, then you can still dry the skin.

Therefore, you should choose the right type of base for the skin type and apply it correctly. This will transform your basics from a makeup layer to a layer of protection.

Like a lip balm on a hard winter day, it can work as a good basic protective coating to help protect your skin from harsh elements in everyday life. Sun, wind, cold weather and other environmental elements can damage the skin, but a good foundation can easily help prevent damage.

If you're looking for a new shade, find out that the color in the bottle or priming tube is not always the color on your face. That's why you need to look at the basics and mix them in your skin to see what they really are.

Always try the foundation on your face, not your hand or your wrist. This is because your face is of a different shade than your hands and wrists. After applying a small amount to your face, wait a few minutes to get the Foundation a chance to fit dry and skin.

You will know that he has chosen the best foundation when he found that the shadow really disappears on his face.

If you still find it stuck to the basic shades, the best option is to pick the somewhat darker dark shades.

Choosing the foundation with a little yellow is likely to promote your facial expression. This is because yellow based funds work well for everyone. Yellow minimizes the redness of your skin, which may be due to tinnitus, aging or broken capillaries.

If you have a dry skin, you can easily apply it to the foundation, otherwise it may emphasize the dryness of your skin.

Before using the primer, always use a moisturizer first. A good, light wetting agent can help to block moisture and allow smoother application of foundation.

Use a cosmetic sponge to apply the foundation. This makes it easier to look and how professional makeupers get the best results.

When you apply your foundation, start at the center of your face and forehead. From these places you can blend your face with soft hairs and get smoother look and even coverage.

If you find that you need more coverage, wait for the first application to be dry and then apply another layer. Keep the foundation with you if you find that you need to re-apply it during the day.

Great way to lay the foundation and reach polished appearance with loose powder with soft brush. This technique is also a professional make-up artist.

After selecting the right background color, you may want a little extra color on your face. You can easily achieve this by fine brushing, for example, with a pink or berry shade. Make your choice depending on your skin color. The right color helps you to uncover your face and give you a fresh look.

Always keep in mind that the skin tone changes with the seasons, so be sure to adjust the basics to the seasons. For example, some people are darker in summer and become lighter in winter.

Following these tips, you need to have a solid foundation, no time for which you and your skin on your face would be great and feel great!



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