Create a world peace of kind, friendly and polite

Be a kind and polite man in the world of peace.

Love and respect each other. If we all cooperate and strive to promote each other's development in our personal development, we will improve a human being in human nature. Improving Human Nature, Individually and Collectively, All of Us Opportunity and Responsibility

Help you live a safe, clean and decent place in the world. We are all responsible. Every little work is an important opportunity to practice harmlessness and helpfulness.

Be aware of your influence and, at all times and in all circumstances, to have a positive effect. Everyone affects everyone. We all depend on each other. Be responsible and always be healthy and wealthy. Carefully exercise loving kindness, no matter what anyone else does. Just be kind, friendly and radiant. Be polite and courteous, helpful and harmless.

This is also the best business strategy. All employees, customers and business associates are treated with the same kind of loving kindness. Make sure everybody wins in every business transaction. During the promise and the dispatch. Be honest, honest and trustworthy.

Human civilization is what we are doing. We all work to improve human nature. We must certainly improve on human nature. We are responsible, free agents. We create ourselves. What is the most time we think about.

So think about good, healthy and rich thoughts. Strive for all your thoughts, words and actions to be consistent with what is best for the whole human race, individually and collectively. Take the positive steps to improve yourself and help others.

Imagine what the world is all about when all our efforts to compete with each other have become a collaborative effort to improve human nature and promote human civilization.

The global flow of transport, communication and information, together with the current social and economic upheaval, is an opportunity for us to create and maintain a universal civilization on earth. like scientists who discover the iridium layer, is a layer of soil that covers the land of every continent and contains more of the Iridium element than the rest of the Earth. Scientists assume that the Iridium layer is created by an asteroid or comet, which hits the ground 65 million years ago. There are dinosaur bones under the iridium layer and dinosaur bones over the iridium layer. The extinction of dinosaurs is one of the causes of a geological catastrophe caused by this effect. [100%] 100,000 years later, scientists will dig up the polluting layer. Before a war, illness and crime occur before the pollutant layer, a universal and divine civilization will evolve into the pollutant layer in accordance with the biosphere of the earth.

This new human nature is not an accident. On the one hand, I believe that this Bahá'í is a direct result of Revelation. Another thing that is the result of the behavior and the voluntary acts of individual people living on earth. The awareness of our worldwide citizenship is vital to the development of peace and prosperity for all people.

I like the human race, alone and collectively. I do not always love or agree with everyone. I understand that all people are valuable. The human soul is like a mirror, to reflect what they are turning to. I'm turning to Baha'i. Strive to have a good and healthy impact on all of our relationships.

This attitude does not depend on what anyone else does. I depend on God for courage and strength that I always love and respect everybody. Strive to make people aware of all the precious values ​​of human beings. Solve problems, improve ourselves, and help others.

Be polite, kind, friendly and radiant.



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