Creates foundation problems during scam

If you are planning to build a new home, make sure that you or your business owner has not dug the basics. This can cause serious problems in the future, and many homes today suffer from these types of problems.

In the past, thousands of homes have been built and suffer from bad soil clutter. Dirt from one area to another is often uncomplicated as it should have been and it causes problems in building foundations.

It's worse than a construction contractor or an entrepreneur who digs the foundations of the house without worrying about digging. If you dig the base, you simply put a little dirt back on the bottom of the base feet and then walk a few times until you get tired or look good.

Here's what's happening in the loose soil, now directly on the structural base plinths will be compressed only after the foundation has spent the weight of the home. This is what most building supervisors can not really verify and soon the building will be approved by the building supervisor and ready to surrender without the homeowner knowing the problems are waiting

What can we do if the entrepreneur the foundation leg before they are concrete? Instead of replenishing the loose impurities, he sent a few yards of impurities to the project and then used it to correct the bugs.

Pollution is compensated more than regular soil and can even improve the foundation of the foundation. Do not forget to never fill legs with loose soil unless it is somehow re-compressed.



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