Creating an Unshakable Foundation

Is there anything that shakes your basics in your life?

Does life seem to force big changes around you?

If this happens, we may feel fear, insecurity, sometimes shock. 19659002] We feel so safe in our lives when we feel safe outside situations. But that security is an illusion, as many of you came to find out. We feel really serious about the "rocks", our home, our relationships, our work, our financial situation. But what happens if one of these rocks is shifted or completely disappeared? All these "rocks" can not give a true and unimaginable basis. Why is it so difficult for us to change any of the rocks?

In recent years, many old, permanent "rockets" have disappeared. I know what it's like when it happens, you feel lost our fundamentals.

What if you feel steady and secure, no matter what's going on in your life?

What if you were new rocks? What if the Foundation seemed a little different? What if it were an "energetic rock" that could never be destroyed or gone?

An unbreakable foundation can only be found and created. An inexhaustible foundation for you and the Spirit must be in your core. Anything else can not give mysterious security.

Open to get a new foundation. Imagine that your basics build trust in the Universe, self-love, self-knowledge, self-respect, self-respect, truth, freedom and joy. And what if that was your basis, no matter what the external situation in your life?

And if you find yourself in a major transition now, you can see open that you still have a basis no matter what is happening around you?

Sometimes external situations have to change. Sometimes relationships have to end. Sometimes you have to leave the job or you have to dismiss it. Sometimes you have to leave your home that you love.

But if the foundation is rooted in trust in the Universe and is rooted in self-confidence, we can see that whatever is happening in your life is the highest good. Even if you feel weird and emotional like this?

Yes. If something leaves your life, think for a moment why. I came to see this "highest good" concept, not only the universe defines its fate in a way that it does not like. This is the highest part of who you are, directing your life. Sometimes we keep things that are no longer serving us. Sometimes we can deny our true desires, we hold ourselves to the comfort of falsity and comfort.

But your Higher Self causes things that are no longer serving you to leave your life if you do not do it yourself. From love.

The highest good is the best possible result. It's not some sort of vulnerable fate. This is the best possible result.

Our personality, we do not always see the big picture. We do not see how good life is, so we can make the most of it. This is in many respects, but in some cases it can inevitably withhold us.

It's open to see higher bases. Look at the confidence you already have in life, in yourself. Bring your inner knowing that everything is always working, even if we do not see it at that time. Realize that the Universe is friendly and loving, even in the most disadvantaged times.

Let this be the basis. Build your base from the inside, I bet it has been partially built. Hold it, confirm it in any way. Let your life be based on trust, truth and light. And when things are really upsetting in your life, you can rest in the true comfort of the foundation.



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