Culture for peace is the folk music for peace

I believe that music has tremendous power, the folk music of all nations deeply rooted in heritage, beauty, and truth, I feel that every nation has to share and that the United Nations has to play this important role more effectively now that whatever is enough, more youth gatherings have to be organized, more music has to be shared, more collective music projects need to be done with each artist and using the UN platform. such a universal culture of peace through music that can promote the establishment of the bridge of peace and harmony between all nations.

I believe the artists have a good influence on the public and can not use their music for reasons that are warfare but for peace and can reduce the influence of mainstream media, which is human values ​​and total violence. Human souls need peace, and in my opinion the best form is Music.

We can offer the best music, because this is the relationship between souls. When this relationship grows you can create the real and solid foundation in which our generations love, not hate other nations, and the best way is the goodness of nations and folk music is the best.

We need a much more concrete, complex and effective collective peace musical events that are led by ordinary people, not in the hands of politics and religious authorities, but only humanitarian attachment, an essential element of a society's health and individuals.

Every year, the Culture of Peace is a culture of composing, a folk music exchange and a regular event where every artist in the world is involved with his own folk music.

This event can be handled every year in different countries, especially among countries that have conflicts and are not in good shape, such as India and Pakistan … One year in India, India, the exchange of artistic and cultural activities. This will allow people to change the situation and find a more effective approach to peace.



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