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I know that sometimes it must be a broken record. I repeat my clients, my students, my friends, my family again and again. And I'll tell you again. Self-care is not an option if you want to live a happy, peaceful life. Especially if you are sensitive, empathic, person.

S naturally includes the obvious elements, such as a nutrient-rich plant-rich diet, a lot of workout and good hygiene. None is optional if you want to maintain good health.

T o Maintaining happiness and inner peace, self-care must include emotional and spiritual practices. My daily practice, which I share below, helps to focus, concentrate, be optimistic, connected, creative, productive, peaceful and happy.

T are the tools and techniques that work for me. Most, depending on the day, the time available, and the emotional / spiritual needs I mix and match. Some practices, such as meditation and gratitude, are not negotiable and I do them every day.

M I usually use at least 4 or 5 of these techniques on days. A few days I'm just me. Some of them fit into my day so fast or so easily that they don't take any more time. & # 39; And the truth must be said when I don't do anything that happens once, I feel completely off, I don't focus and worry. This is why I use a checklist to track my progress. I learned the hard way, not to miss the track.

C prepares its own plan. Take the following techniques that work for you, add your own, and blend into your days into your pocket. Choose at least one activity, such as meditation, to do it every day, no matter what. None of the activities require much time. And as long as they receive them during the day, you will optimize your energy.

Meditation I practice meditation in some form, every day between 10 and 60 minutes. For a few days I'm doing two or more shorter meditation. Insight Timer is a fantastic free application that I use for my meditation. It has an extensive library of sounds, bells, meditations and music.

Ample Meditation I use John Randolph Price for meditation . It's a little green book with 10 principles. One day I meditate for 15 minutes, for 40 days or more. It helps keep me in an abundant, spiritual, spiritual frame.

Grateful Meditation After closing my eyes, I meditate for 5 minutes for something I am grateful for. Maybe you already have, or would like to. This feeling of gratitude really is true and really good.

Goals In my handwriting, I write my goals in the present, expressing my gratitude for reaching them. It feels good and helps keep my goals. I write my goals almost every day. This takes about 10 minutes.

Morning Pages Author of Julia Cameron, morning pages with 3 handwritten, free-flow pages every morning. They are invaluable in clarifying the mind and sparking the creative flow.

Yoga or Exercise Morning Exercise Revives for the Rest of the Day. Movement is essential for efficient energy flow, lymph flow, strength, anxiety release and so on.

Heart Breath I always add Heart Breath when I feel stuck in my head. Heart Breath helps to leave a busy, overwhelmed mind to the peace and quiet of my heart. This is a great tool for reducing anxiety. 1 minute or longer.

Reading Reading I find time to read somewhere during my day. Sometimes it's work related, but it's always uplifting.

Uplifting Listening This includes music, podcasts, Hayhouse Radio, audio courses, and more. I love listening when I have dinner. This helps me stay positive, optimistic.

EFT Tapping This is any day of the day, as required, practice. EFT Tapping is perfect for relieving anxiety, tension, fear, sadness or any other unwanted feeling. Beyond the 5-minute gratitude meditation, I enjoy a spontaneous gratitude or grateful list, or thank you, thank you. Gratitude helps me feel better with the spiritual world. And the more grateful I am, the more grateful I must be.

Nature Walk Nothing is better for reassuring the senses and the soul.

E njoy! And get it – let me know what works for you!

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