Dangers of concern

Are you ever worried? Are you afraid of what the future will bring? This is a bad place. We know that because of the law of attraction we get everything we focus on. If we focus on the bad things that will happen in the future, then we will find this is what goes into our lives. We are concerned about terrorism, global warming, poverty and starvation, drugs, pollution. Most are worried about participating in a war, but we spend very little time thinking of what peace will look like, not to create peace. We focus on what we do not want; what we fear is in the future.

There are two different fears. The real (healthy) fear is what you feel when something bad happens to you now. Psychological fear, such as worry, is something your mind makes. All our brains know what has happened in the past, so they take the negative experiences of the past and project them into the future. You're thinking about what's going to happen in the future. Because he's not sure what's going to happen in the future, it's impossible to handle it. You can only deal with what you know now.

Richard Carlson points out that there are two different ways to react to a situation. You can reply to or reply to it. One of the concerns is that you are encouraged to be in a reactive state of mind and are likely to expect you to notice it. When you know how to deal with situations, you can constructively deal with them. When you realize you are in a reactive state of mind, you can simply say something like "Oops I Go"; and that your awareness and understanding that it is much better if you are sensitive are pulled out of your reactive thinking.

When you react to a situation, you are impatient. You feel stressful, depressing and quick to judge. You make quick decisions that you often regret. Others are annoyed and tend to do the worst in them. You are rigid and stubborn. If possible, you are too overwhelmed or frustrated to see it; you often think it is too risky or too far beyond your ability. The judgment and decision-making capacity were severely impaired. He loses perspectives and takes things personally. It's over analyzing things. You get through the whirlwind of thoughts, and the more you focus, the more tired you feel and the worse you feel. You focus on what is missing and what's wrong, which is just crazy and frustrated.

When you are sensitive, it is calm and condensed. You are focused and targeted. You can distinguish between what's important and what's not. You see the bigger picture and you buy less personally. You are flexible and relaxed. Get the best in others and gracefully solve the problems. Your mind is open to new opportunities and is open to consider various options.

Another problem of concern is that if you're worried, you're connected to income. You're worried you do not get the results if you want. It is very important for you to be in every way you want. But that only results in unnecessary pressure and invites fear from fear. If you do not connect to the power outlet, you can enjoy the process, gain the trust you need and relax. You know, if you do not get what you want, if you want, everything will be okay. You simply move on, knowing that next time it will be better. You know you definitely have what you want, or maybe even better.

Concern is obviously detrimental to our happiness and our success. Courage and practice are needed to release the awesome thoughts. Practice ignoring all the awesome or worrying thoughts that enter into your mind. Carefully, but firmly release them. They're going to have to let you down again and again until they disappear completely. Carefully skip them and dismiss them as they come. It may be difficult but you will find it worth the effort.



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