Decayed Peace (War and Peace Seeds …) (Sonatas with Commentary))

Peace is punished, the process destroys,
Natural fiber is falling, now cursed;
The secret seeds are laid down that are broken;
Obstacles no longer provide peace:
Neither the mountains, nor the seas, the stars;
Now the annoyances dictate that they will be harmed.
Satan built peace, put it into wars,
Little peace, like a locust, we flew:
Before dawn before the light started.
We have now been lying on our cold and worm-like tombs as before, so it ends with man
where during life families have rebellious wounds;
Sterilize cities to feed too many mouths,
No more babies, no more lives, no crying.

It is a crime, lies are burning, long and hot
They are like eggs, hard and soft, in frost;
Sad crickets, are not they?
Make sure of others and your simplicity,
They swallow you like a pig in the mire,
Cut up, sip, suck all blood.
There is no peace or war in glory, only trinkets
Solitude is in God, time and truth …
So we take peace, war, childhood play
And he has destroyed a hundred million lives
In less than a century; wars live, not man
Beauty is always in the hands of Creator.
No more babies, no life, no cry.

# W1864 6-2-2007

Note: We see a war in the everyday world and people are trying to create peace, a silly combination. Take it every day and look at the controversy of the war or war, if not peace, let's look at the movements of hypocrites, we fight for peace in Iraq with war, today in Germany the G8 says that globalism and 30,000 hypocrites are fighting for a better world the war and the police, because they see things differently. And the police want peace, everyone wants peace, gun in their hands, bomb or stick. Lebanon is fighting war again today when the UN is trying to create peace. How many countries do NATO fight? Trying to create peace with weapons; The Nigerian rebels have now decided to enjoy peace for a while rather than attacking the country's oil wells. Tomorrow things change, but only the face, not the intestine and the hormones, remain the same, war or peace, and peace can not be without war. And we're still dancing in the circle.



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