Desperate for goodness and peace

I received a confused email:
Gerjo Ben, you sent an email to my husband. She took her own life this morning

. I have a lot of questions. Passionately loved the Lord and lived. Anything that would help me.
Pray for not taking my own life.

Your email has been able to work and track your mobile phone number. I called right away: "All right?" It's not time to talk. So I'll write an email later. The answer is short:
I follow your advice.

I don't know how we've got the pressure out. I don't know if you realize how many people don't see the light. Those who really can't take another step. The people to whom you can only give a poem because this plaster is just too small to cover the big hole in their lives.

People are fragile and injured and are alone and have no peace. We're under the heavy load. Some people decide to put an end to it. The result is the way of destruction for the underlying.

Sometimes I am afraid to say anything because the scripture is really too small. But where can we find help? God alone can help. Only He can help in the storms. He alone can help until the waters go away.

Therefore, I pray in everything and ask the angels of God to help bless prayer and bless in your life: 2 Our God gives you everything you need.

Yes, God's goodness can pass through you. We need it every day! Here, where the wrong things around every corner are revealed – people were killed in their economy as they did; others who save life by selfish, greedy conmen; spouses who violated each other, throwing the other to a new partner.

Our whole endeavor is for the goodness of God. This can become a reality in your life. God will help you remove the bad things from your life to have space for all goodness and to make the sun shine again on you.

But even more so – the peace of God, the peace that goes beyond our understanding, fully possesses your being. Eliminate the difficulties that come so often in our lives.

Let the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ have the grace and peace with you. Now!


2 Thessalonians 1: 1-2


Have Peace?

Or full of storms?

Do you think God can change?


Sir, we need your goodness so much. We need peace – a lot. We have been with our breath for a long time. Let's come to life soon. Amen.



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