Different views of happiness and peace

Are you tired of the common madness that has dominated the world for thousands of years? In my opinion, we must first find true happiness to experience lasting peace. If we do not have personal happiness, it is usually because we are not in balance. Once the balance is restored, we have the opportunity to actually enjoy our activity, no matter how casual it is. It seems we can easily do them with grace. Happiness is immortal nectar. To nourish, we need adequate nutrition to feed on happiness. Perhaps more of us should eat and drink the light of God, the universe's primordial. The ego is the ultimate black hole. It's clear, but it does not.

For the ultimate happiness and peace of mankind, more effort is needed. Better understanding of individual responsibility and the goal of life is a prerequisite for permanent healing. To live with dignity and peace, our eyes must be open. Most people are craving for peace. What many do not fully understand is that true peace is a higher state of consciousness that requires internal knowledge and active application. Real peace is a state of consciousness that is born in a higher plane than physical.

The same is true of happiness. True happiness belongs to a sphere that goes beyond the physical body, the heart, or the meaning. The peace and happiness that the world seeks is within it. To be re-discovered. At the spiritual level, peace and happiness are one. They can not exist. You can not be happy happily, and the world can not be happy if something is stable and immutable. All of us must strive to rule over the lower nature, and with the effort to make visible the invisible light of divine nature. As our higher nature is firmly grounded, peace and happiness are what we want.

It attaches too much importance to intellectual activities and technical achievements. The focus will not do anything in peace or world peace. If we look deep enough, we realize that search is always the pursuit of God's Light. Nobody is honestly happy if the field of vision is too tight. If you want constant peace and happiness, it is time to open and bring the whole world to its realm. Unconditional love makes this possible.

Happiness is the gift of the heart, not the intellect. Happiness and peace are never a matter of chance or of luck. They depend. The state of mind must be cultivated. It's huge and infinite, not short and limited as pleasure. Everyone wants happiness, but they do not know how to do it. True happiness requires great work, power, and the development of discrimination. It also requires that you love yourself. Happiness is in the effort.

Most people are worried about the money. If you want happiness, you need not only the money but the spiritual light. If you love the Light of God, it means that you already have spiritual gold. You have rich qualities and virtues that you can share with others. Abundance, riches and order must be first. The only thing that gives a constant hope is that peace and happiness are first-handed to the Light of God. Ask to be aware of the Light. Ask what you are doing and your physical body fuses with the Light.

When you are open to the Light of God, we learn to maintain a balanced state of mind, regardless of how tired, determined or sad you are or the temporary misfortune. We are wise when we do not allow the external effects to interrupt our faith. The beginning of liberation and happiness when we understand that turning to the inner world is the answer to the permanent stability of the outside world. The wickedness of the world is temporary; a good lie for all eternity.

True happiness and peace pay attention to the good and the beautiful. It is a state of mind and heart condition, sensitivity to all that are divine. As we progressively evolve in our spiritual understanding, the two main weapons used against darkness are love and light. Together, make conscious efforts in the awakening state of mind. Enhanced awareness allows you to leave the world of destiny and enter the world of grace.

It is very important to understand that lasting results are obvious when we work for everyone. I firmly believe in experiencing the peace and happiness we desire when we remember that we do anything that we do by adding a spiritual element. As the inner power feels, we do not have a stop. Join and separate the separation and the wall of darkness. Moving from a materialistic worldview to a heightened spiritual view can do it. We look very hard and make the necessary personal changes increase the chances of peace on earth and the goodwill of everyone.



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