Do not worry!

"Do not worry about something, but rather pray for everything, tell God what you need and thank you for what you did when you do that, you will experience God's peace – which is far more wonderful than the human mind you can understand, your peace keeps your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. "Filippi 4: 6-7

Concern concerns concern, pressure or nervousness for the situation or for something. This also means that you fear that the worst happens in a situation. Yes, human and natural, they are concerned about the situation, but when we become fear, disbelief or depression, what happens or what will happen then we are on the track. We automatically abandon God's trust. Yes, concern is a sign of unbelief: the lack of faith in God and the ability to change situations. In every situation you have to trust in God. We have to put all our concerns, burdens, affairs, fear and concern into our hands. He even told us that we would put all burdens on him and give us peace and peace. Yes, these two things are very important – rest and peace. You need them so well to live in this world. There are so many people who have no peace and peace. These are valuable gifts that only God can give in this life. Money, relationships and joy of life do not guarantee them. They only belong to those who are liable to the Lord who has them. If you trust God in God, you will begin peace and peace.

Things to avoid worrying

Trust in God, His love and ability to take care of every situation, no matter how hard it is. Trust in him and his words fully – rest in his promises. Read your words (Bible, sermons, psalms, Christian music). Regular community with other Christians. Know your great promises and keep them lasting. Always be patient and hopeful. Then, as we have seen the praise and thanks of the main text always and in every situation. Remember, it's always under perfect control. Yes, instead of worrying, quality time is spent every day with praise and worship. Thanks for all her wonderful work. Thank you for His goodness. Thanks to her for the things she does not buy for money. Thank you for the gift of life, etc. I thank him more than to spend time on the negatives.

Always pray, especially during times of crisis and difficulties. Tell him your fears. Pray always, without ever) in private and in the group. Remember also that Jesus said he could not solve any problems with concern. He said we need to learn about the air of birds that do not have a farm or stable, but God feeds them well every day. They're always sure they fly every day. As God gave the daily orders to the bird, so he did it for us. He said he could add concern or not remove the situation. So, go up and put everything into your hands. Be patient as you expect the answers to prayers and situations. You will certainly do it. God bless you!



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