Do you know what encourages you?

Have you ever wondered why it's so easy to get some people while others are sending it to the wall? Why does it seem that one of your children seems to have a parental job easy, while the other child is a constant challenge in his life? Have you ever wondered why you loved your partner for a moment, and in the next moment ask why you got in contact? Let's take a closer look at what causes these activations in our lives.

In the world, people, things, and ideas that we have a strong reaction to reject, hate, or condemn, represent parts that have been rejected or rejected. Sigmund Freud pointed out this, and Carl Jung called this shadow our side. In any case, many in the field of psychology or personal growth arenas look like these "push buttons" as our teachers and have brought gifts to us. Gifts give us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, increase our self-awareness, and become more balanced and peaceful in our present life and in our world.

Think of people who are upset or "press your buttons". Do you have similar experience or aspect to their personalities, or are there categories of categories like selfish or self-centered or sometimes know-it-alls or whiners or super performances? Is this possible because you would never let yourself be selfish? Have you always played a role to be selfless? Could not you express with confidence and confidence what you know? Did you get the message that you never like to whine? Have not you been able to be such a super lady you've always wanted to have?

As long as a property or aspect is rejected or rejected, we continue to attract people into our lives that carry this property and "push our buttons" … unless you are a partner, child or friend, this may be your boss, subordinate or waiter in your favorite restaurant. Once we have won a rejected section, or at least we are learning to accept that part within ourselves, then we will not have the same power over us, triggering us as we once did.



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