Dream symbols as metaphors – how to interpret and use the meaning of the dream

Dreams are often full of dramatic and colorful scenarios and images that seem to make little sense when taken up at face value, especially with each other, or with the proper narrative of a dream. This is one of the most dreamy things to remember or count on dreams, in a dream log or for another person – so little meaning, and we say things like & amp; old college & # 39; and in the dream we were in no doubt that …

What we need to understand is to take advantage of the dream and learn that the subconscious mind deals with symbols and metaphors, not literal representations and messages. The literal way of communicating our consciousness is language and other limitations, and effectively limits the possibilities of creativity and problem solving. The subconscious works differently, but without the media layer of the defined reports.

So, to take advantage of these messages, we have to interpret the metaphors. It is vital that we do this in our own lives and in our experience, because that is what will be meaningful. The dream dictionary may suggest ranges of possible meanings, and may offer us a possible interpretation of the chaotic images and scenes offered by our dreaming mind, but only with conscious reflection and integration with our rational thoughts and memories is likely to make sense. Above all, the temptation to approach the matter too literally should be avoided – always think of the symbol and the metaphor.

Take, for example, suddenly at the airport or station where you start a longer or complex journey. This may reflect a specific and literal little trip you have to take, which occupies mental RAM when you plan or maybe worry, but can just as easily represent a more metaphorical journey – a trip to the unknown, such as a new relationship or new job . A change that takes you to new places in itself, such as a significant learning experience or spiritual revelation – sometimes an aspect of your life that you haven't recognized / recognized will make a big difference and take you on a journey somewhere.

The point is that you can only explain what this relationship is – but using tools such as a dream diary and a dream dictionary can help you reflect on how your dreams interpret and present the issues that they are challenging. Unlocking the wisdom of the subconscious mind can solve many problems and may be more satisfying in all areas of your thoughts and intentions.



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