Effect of Bible verses in your life

Reading a biblical verse daily can do wonders in everyday life. The Bible has its own benefits at all stages of human life. You may be a child, a teenager, a father or a mother … so easy to find an answer to any questions you may have in your life.

* A worthy wife is her husband's joy and crown; shameful wife grabs her strength – Proverbs – Chapter 12: 4
* Men, as attentive as their wives, and treated as the winning partner and heirs of the gracious gift, so nothing hinders your prayers – Peter – 3 The Bible's verse teaches every human being how to live and how we cannot live. The Bible covers all topics such as men, women, marriage, children, family, love, communication, poetry, future, attitude, money, possession and much more. God is not visible, but his words are given through the living bible, which conserves you in sorrow, rejoices with you when you are happy, calmly relaxed, and makes you a real man.

Be it not just human words, but live as a Bible.

* Not All Our Father? Didn't God create us? Why do we hurt our fathers covenant if we break our faith with each other? – Malachi 2:10
* An angry man exploded and a hot poisoned man committed many sins – Proverbs 29:22
* God who is armed with strength and my way will be perfect – Psalm 18: 32
* Faithful to believers, to the faulty ones you blame yourself – Palsalms 18:25

If you face any situation, the biblical verse you read during your free time should come immediately in your head and guide you what you need to do. If you have such a wonderful * tool, why should you look for solutions everywhere? Read the Bible verse every day, and count the blessings of the next days.



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