Eight simple activities for inner peace

Internal peace is the result of our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. It's under our control. As we work to be in harmony with the next 8 aspects of our lives and life, inner peace arises.

With each component, let's look at and reflect on your status and enjoy the activity presented by each of them.

1.) Peace with Self: This is when we do everything we can in every situation, big or small. Integrity and ethical behavior are prerequisites for inner peace.

Activity: A. Write down three situations when you did not do the right thing. Can you still correct? What weakness did you prevent yourself? B. List Methods 2 how to strengthen or change yourself so that it does not happen again? C. Hold yourself and leave the 3 events completely. You are learning and part of the development. We have the right to know and to make mistakes as we grow. Let's go over, period

2. Peace with Others

As we deliberately decide to transform the understanding of other people, we are moving towards harmony. And when we work with clear boundaries, we do not blame ourselves, regret ourselves, and greatly reduce our inner relationships.

Activity: A. A recent situation in which someone has behaved negatively with you or in your presence. What did you feel at that time? What did you fear? What was the pain? Why did not he have the strength to act positively? What is the process of learning? How do you like it? B. If you feel that you condemn or think negatively about the other, ask yourself these questions. It will be more peaceful. C. Many times during the day, confirm the following words: "I am a blessing to everyone I meet, and all I meet is a blessing to me." This simple term changes.

3. Peace with our Spirit / Spirit:

We systematically develop our born spiritual qualities with us; love, harmony, generosity, trust, unity, joy, faith / faith, enlightenment, forgiveness, service, and courage. Our commitment is to walk in a way that is the highest in our lives, making a real fulfillment. Peace comes

Activity: A. What spiritual quality does it require now? Write about it, study those who exhibit, view, draw, dance, exercise today in any situation you meet. B. Keep up-to-date with your experience of this quality as you grow and grow in you. If you feel firm, go to the next quality you want.

4th Think of Your Thoughts: If you decide to let the thoughts get wild, it takes away peace. Thinking is a creative energy that proves the engineers and generates events and experiences in their lives

Activity: Whenever you find yourself in a negative stream, you are deliberately starting to think the opposite. If you think an upcoming meeting will be a fight; make a turn and think how it will go smoothly. Even if you do not believe the new thought for the first time; persist! With consistent practice, you will quickly see profound changes in the peace level and be glad to notice that there is a great deal of difference in many situations.

5.) Peace with our emotions

What we feel is a magnet; this energy comes to the world and returns to similar situations and experiences like a boomerang. Do not identify your emotions. When we take negative emotions and lose them, we lose balance. If we express and release them without damaging others, we can choose a better feeling. Peace comes when it takes control and decides what to choose.

A. Activity On an empty sheet of paper (with pencils, markers or colored pastes) will express your nervous feelings. Move them to the paper as you draw. Release them all. Have a second card and this time intentionally change your outlook and feelings. Choose a new perspective and a new feeling. Now pull it! Enjoy and feel the renewed peace. It brings peace if you feel nervous. (It only takes 10 minutes, unlike hours or days of emotion)

6. Peace with Our Contribution / Service

Research shows that the happiest are those who have found a way to make a contribution, serve others by using their donations and talents.

Activity: A. Close your eyes and relax deeply. Focus on your heart. Now imagine a door made of multi-colored light in your heart and walk through a path. You feel pure love in your heart; love for yourself, for others and for life. B. Continue this card until reaching an open area. Here you will find a hand-carved table with 2 objects on it. Observe the crystalline light from the top. Look closely at them. When you pick up the first object, you are aware that it is particularly beautiful. This object means the way you give the world a real beauty. Examine the object and the message. Your heart is clearly speaking, guiding you. What do you say? What do you feel? C. Pick up the second object that represents another significant contribution that is important to you. What is that? What it means? Feel how your soul will move while you make that contribution!

7.) Peace with our Intuition

Intuition is an innate gift that we all have, derived from our level of consciousness beyond the rational thoughts. We simply know the truth or the right answer to something without knowing we know it. There is no analytical thought. We get intuitive information about our right brain modalities, including internal images in the minds of our mind, in strong emotions, thoughts, inner tone, and pure knowledge. Studies show that we are tied biologically to this higher intelligence that connects us with direct truth, through the many sense receptors that exceed the normal system. Physicist David Bohm and Carl Pribram, a physiologist, provide evidence that the experiences and the minds of life forms are recorded in the quantum energy field that is the basis of daily life. Since we are holographically connected to this information (in the past, in the present and in the future), we have the right answer to each question. When we say, "I knew this would happen," we felt direct justice. Intuition is key to inner peace, because when we know how to identify and act upon it, we succeed, succeed, make good decisions and move gracefully in life.

Activity: A. Close your eyes and remember one when it was 100% calm. Let your body repeat this experience. Take action and wait for intuitive information. B. Feel yourself very calm, relaxed and peaceful as the silent stars in space. C. Ask a specific question or general help in your life and listen to, watch, and feel as soon as you get acquainted with the pictures, feelings, or the inner voice that provides information and answers. Let these symbols, words and feelings understand and understand the mind and heart.

Intuition-based decisions are aligned with the truth and bring you success and peace.

8th Achieving Prices and Goals

When there is a dream or purpose that is in our hearts, peace only comes when you do it. Unlocking or feeling that we can not achieve for some reason destroys peace. We are progressing when we discipline ourselves, especially our thoughts, to believe we will accomplish it. If we really believe that this will happen, science will show that it will be. As we work through commitment through all obstacles and demands, we always believe in our positive results, we will not be disappointed. Then, not only did the dream come true;

Activity: A. We sit silently 2-3 minutes a day (three times a day) and feel happy and agitated that your goal is to achieve the goals of inner faith, hard work, endurance, and courage. I already have it! B. Keep the feeling of feeling yourself doing or talking something that would be natural if your goal became a reality; at the moment. (If you continue to do this, you will be!) Examples: Listening to your friend congratulates on your new job: Signing a new copy of your new book with your favorite pen; On a plane, admiring the sky as the captain says, landing in Sydney in Australia within an hour; Keep the new key of the house in hand while you will feel its coolness and smoothness. Everyday commitment to success and staying in peace.

We are expanding into inner peace and discovering it has been acquired because we focus on the eight aspects of our own. We also see that the fruits of this work go far beyond peace.



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