Embrace your humanity

Love your humanity, your vanity, your deficiency, your perceived faults, your apparent limitations, your mistakes, your failures, and anything else you find less perfect about yourself. Yes, you read this correctly – I ask that love all this!

Why? Because that means you absolutely love yourself – it means you accept everything, not just those parts that you think are good. If you are absolute lovers in every respect, you will be happy, in peace, and you will really love (even if no one loves it).

I was very excited to have read about Kathryn Schulz – he was a "Wrongologist" at TedTalks. I think it's good that someone has done a career in examining human vanity. It encourages us not only to give it away if it is bad but to embrace it. He said, "Most of us will do everything in their power to not be deceived, but what if we are wrong?"

We are indeed mistaken … to educate ourselves in American culture to be the best "- which is great if we interpret it correctly, but somehow we translated it as" perfect "and weigh ourselves with such an impossibly high standard

But his irony – we did it for ourselves! We do not have to think so. And today, we do not have to think about it, it is as good a day as any of them to change this crazy faith – transforming one of the acceptance of human weaknesses, for love of our perfection – to fully engage with our humanity.

There is a movie for "Life Tree" One character in it says, "Without you, your life will blink." And that's exactly what happens to us when it does not let us live fully – we will live for the future when we get better when we get closer to our perfection, and as a result, we miss the precious moments of our lives.

Do not let your life plaster – you decide that you will love all the little things about you. If you need help, please read the "All-Enlisting" postal post to take steps to change your negative thinking to positive thinking. Apply these steps to your thoughts about yourself, your body, your habits, your thinking, your idleness, your humanity.

Love, love, LOVE yourself and everything yourself – wonderful light, wonder, fear, holiness and beauty are your wonderful being. Nothing is less than deity and perfection.

And you're here to live a human life. Recognize your human nature and accept it.



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