Entrepreneurship Survey

A dynamic organization of various specialized institutions has had a long history of excellent teaching, learning and research and was based on technical and commercial education at the end of the 19th century. The University has more than 80 universities and colleges working in more than 25 countries.

About 20,500 students, 3,240 employees, annual turnover of 132.5 million euros. During the 10-year period, business values ​​were offered by students and staff with various supportive IT systems. It included different numbers of sources of information: Access, MS Excel, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, and so on.

Business Opportunities

The University Faces Them

· New Business Capabilities Need To Accomplish Highly Quality Data for Science and Students

· To Measure to Meet-

· Dimensioning existing investments in Applications and Systems

· Implementing SOA and Enterprise Service Bus to Ensure Control Vision

· Automation of Integration / Interfaces and Reduction of Manual Dependencies

Determining the gap between the same architecture and the desired solution

processes and technology for designing the right architecture

· Determine architectural and process opportunities to maximize existing IT investments


value When business needs are defined, the evaluation process examines the approach to the acceptance of business requirements, their completeness, the requirements of the requirements, and the fulfillment of strategy and performance requirements.

The group conducted a high-level assessment of existing customer architecture, management and processes. Its competence was as follows:

  • The current corporate architecture implemented by customers and the most important components of the architecture
  • Help shape strategic business goals into IT goals and interviews with various stakeholders
  • View the existing architecture and process workflows based on industry best practices [19659017] Management Policy and Procedures
  • High Level Architecture and Strategy Recommendations for Information Needed
  • Helping Data Quality Issues and Improving Data Quality through the Data Route
  • Functional Data Exchange of Business Areas [19659017] Identification of Areas of Development Recommendations for short and long-term goals
  • Cost / Value Enhancement Options

The team met business, material experts and IT teams to better understand the different requirements of enterprise and IT. The client should focus on company-wide architecture, data management, data management, and SOA environments. This assessment has provided a clear schedule for customers to define a comprehensive corporate architecture and built a robust architecture for future growth.

  • Organizational and Process Assessment: The organizational survey involves examining the existing organizational structure and identifying the roles and responsibilities of IT and business communities that need to be addressed.
  • Business and Application Evaluation: Business Needs Assessment includes the analysis of underlying business executives and goals and the general context of business need for data management.
  • Application architecture assessment: Business architecture assessment includes business process analysis
  • Technical architecture assessment: Technical architecture assessment examines the current corporate architecture and examines implementations of business critical applications . Technical Architectural Survey identifies technical risks or limitations in terms of performance, maintenance, scalability, data dissemination, disaster recovery and scaling


  • A unique business case based on the brochure's own input, numbers and expected effects
  • Detailed business valuation report
  • Identifying current IT activities, opportunities, and current services
  • Outsourcing well-defined business functions [19659017] Functional Formulation of Mission, Functions, and Business Foundations to Improve Planning and Decision Making
  • Improving Communication between Businesses and IT Organizations within a Business with a Standardized Procedure
  • Strategic and tactical and tactical and tactical better management planning for reduced related risks
  • Aids concerns and limitations on management goals
  • . ] Focus on strategic use of emerging technologies to better manage corporate information and consistently incorporate technology into the company
  • Help clarify how your current corporate architecture contributes to your customer's goals. The evaluation will look at both work and what is not.
  • Determines how recycle can reduce business costs, improve business features and processes, and improve IT efficiency. Scalability of the Enterprise Architectural Environment to Improve Data Management



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