Faith, hope, love and peace – Bring trust and peace in Christ Jesus

What is the definition of faith and why we should believe. "Now faith is the essence of hopeful things, proof of unseen things" – Hebrews 11: 1. We believe in God when we put our lives in the hands of the Lord and we have realized that he is in charge. No matter how bad and bad, we should not forget to trust God, knowing that things will work best. We have to believe in God because He is God.

After all, this world we live in is very cruel and cruel. But there is a certain peace and joy when we are not worried about anything and do not rely on Jesus. Jesus loves you and wants you to depend on it. Jesus Christ is far greater than any situation or problem that may seem unbearable. Do not forget that God will never do you more than you can bear.

So, you can say to yourself, "Well, every time I try to trust God, I always suspect it will start." The Lord says that everyone needs the size of the mustard seed. "Jesus said to them," Because of your unbelief I tell you, if you believe as a mustard seed, you will say this mountain and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you "- Matthew 17:20. little faith to conquer the situation.In addition, praying and fasting will further aid the situation

Faith is more than sitting in wait for God to move a problem We need to move when it comes to things It simply means that, that we have faith, but we will not be lazy, but rather we trust in the Lord that He leads us in the right direction. "The Bible declares," But do you want to know … that the unblemished faith is dead? "- James 2:20. You know you can not sit waiting for the Lord, but you trust him to control all aspects of your life. Remember, we sometimes see only one picture, but God sees the whole picture [19659002] So, trust that the Lord Jesus knows what he is doing. Put his life in his hands and let him lead. Keep your faith and do not lose heart; there will be the DELETION OF THE LOVE LIVING LOVE. Never lose hope in Jesus Christ, but realize that he supports all his love and peace



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