Find the Object of Your Life in One Hour

A few years ago I was suffering from fibromyalgia and general misery when one day in the back cave way, and I was only on the bed for three days. This three days in disguise proved to be a blessing, because I had to take the time to think through my life. I found out that I've been living on the track for years and changed to EVERYONE. Lying in bed, absorbing painkillers, I was thinking about life, the universe, and all its significance. I remember that the ultimate goal of life is the feeling of joy ("my cup runs over the type)" and I did not experience much. "Why not?" I asked myself and came to the conclusion that it was because I did not follow my individual life goal. The logic behind this: If you follow your happiness, you experience deep happiness and then fulfill your divine purpose. Joy is the ultimate goal of life, as the mystics of most religions point out.

My creative energy began to rise as usual after the period of violent action and into the depths of my brain, where many self-help knowledge was stored from various sources (not all wise men who contributed, but here are a general thank you), I developed the following you can find your life goal within an hour. The method involves identifying mission and vision and transforming life into a solid statement. If you live afterwards, happiness will be yours. I can testify. Alleluia!

Identify Your Mission

Your mission is your demon, "Why am I here?" The mission statement includes your personal life, work life, your social life and your spiritual life. This is "what and who am I" statement.

It takes ten minutes to select from the following list three actions that you like best. I know it's hard to choose only three, but it's possible.

to reach, to associate, to affirm, to advise, to associate, to confirm, to aid, to associate, to believe, to shine, to build, to call, to cause, to change, to choose, to demand, create, formulate, formulate, continue, advise, design, formulate, continue, advise, design, formulate, formulate, present, design, design, direct, disclose, discuss, to receive, receive, enjoy, entertain, entertain, appreciate, exaggerate, expand, discover, express, extend, facilitate, finance, forgive, motivate, move start, participate, perform, persuade, plan, play, possess, exercise, praise, prepare, show, produce, progress, strengthen, pre , reshape, resell, restore, donate, donate, support, transmit, support, receive, teach, affect, trade, translate, translate, reconnect, pause, refine, renew, travel, understand, standardize, use, work, worship, write ten minutes to select three values ​​that are aligned with your being.

achievement, altruism, charity, cooperation, creativity, dignity, economic security, emotional well-being, equality, excellence, fame, faith, family, freedom, friendship, generosity, happiness, health, honesty, honor hope, humility, independence, personality, inner peace, integrity, joy, justice, kindness, knowledge, love, loyalty, nobility, joy, positive attitude, power, recognition relationships, respect, security, self-esteem, service, simplicity, trust, truth, richness, completeness, wisdom Take the three actions (and ten more minutes)

For example my words : to communicate, to inspire, to create and to bring joy, wisdom and transformation. The sentences I make are: I transmit wisdom. I inspire the transformation. I'm making some changes. I'm happy to you. I'm talking about the transformation. Or at the same time: I communicate, inspire and create joy, wisdom and transformation. Ultimately: My goal is to creatively transform creatures and objects and encourage others and others to enjoy joy and wisdom.

Play the sentences and see what's right for you. You may need a thesaurus to get an accurate description of your statement. Ask yourself whether this statement can be applied to all areas of your life.

The sentence you feel most comfortable with and which resembles your being is your mission.

Identifying Your Vision

Your vision is the unique way you meet your goal. It explains the way and the areas in which your mission is accomplished.

It takes ten minutes to select three reasons / fields from the list that you are most interested in.

addiction, environment, family, education, healthcare, elderly, children, poor, homeless, immigration, energy, agriculture, justice, veterans, nutrition, gardening, gardening, media, youth, churches, spirituality, people with disabilities, arts, arts, fine arts, literature, craftsmanship, gender, music, design, sport, food, public safety, consumer issues, human development, personal development, health, tourism, defense, space research, animal welfare, animal welfare, education, civil rights, counseling

combining some similar areas to a maximum of three.

There are many other questions in the world; if you find what you care most is not listed, just add it to the list. For example, I chose the publication, arts and crafts, human development / spirituality, I got a statement. I accomplish my mission by communicating my writing, my art with my ideas and giving advice to others about their personal growth and spirituality.

The statements of your mission and of your vision "ring" to you. It must be encouraged and stimulated. Play until the word finds itself and yourself. Finally, your purpose and your statement to "kill or die".

As philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote, "The thing is to understand myself to see what God really wants to find the truth that is right for me to find the idea I live or die." [19659023]



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