Finding happiness or passion – The key to happiness

Last Finds How People Designate & # 39; I became a hot topic for me. I came to a place where I realized how important it is to all people.

When I was eighteen, I got an unusual recommendation when writing twelve grade exams. That means I did without final exams and the last few weeks from school. My dad was the head of the school, and without knowing I had done a job at the local bank as a treasurer.

At that time, I accepted that this was a necessary step in my life. You leave school, you get a job. I did not think much about what I wanted when I was growing up. I did not have to think so long. I would earn money and go to another stage of my life.

Time passed and I tried many things. I went to bank accountancy accounting, office secretarial, photography and fitness coaching. I've been in real estate and small businesses, but I've always seemed to miss something in my life.

I do not remember my parents encouraging me in things they loved to do and they were good. From a chauvinist father, the only thing we expected of girls was housework. When we were grown up, nursing and possibly teaching would of course be an acceptable occupation and banking activity. I do not blame my parents because I did not know how to support me in the interest of my child. Our parents will do the best they can to learn to learn from people's teachers. Money was often a criterion for career choice. It was either how much money it had to spend on education or how much money we would earn when we finished our school.

When we do not like what we're doing, we're not motivated. Some people call it lazy. I do not believe in laziness. I believe in lack of motivation. If we really love what we need to do, we have no problem. Find a lazy person, find what they really, really like, and do good and give them. They will not be lazy.

I believe our Creator has given us at least one great love and talent. We can not find all this immediately. There are a number of factors that can prevent our development from being human. We have carers, teachers and other influential people in our lives when we are grown up. Everyone has an idea of ​​what's best for us because we care. Unfortunately, many of them are unaware of how important it is for children to discover what they are interested in.

Peace, tranquility and happiness are the result of a life based on the circle of people we are. This part of our lives is so important at all times.

Here are some tips that will help you find your happiness right now.

1) What did you remember that you were there where you lost the time? Examine this.

2) Remember the times when you helped someone repair something or create something and say, "You are so good."

3) What school themes did you enjoy and learned good grades?

4) What are the things you did because you do not believe you're good. Put them!

Here are some tips that help children grow.

1) Look at your kids. Learn them and listen to them.

2) We encourage them to explore their world.

3) Observe where their strengths, talents and interests are. Help them develop these interests.

4) Learn about your abilities and achievements and share your excitement.

Children's self-esteem is so important.

Now, in my life, I have a goal to reverse the crank. # 39; I discovered web pages and internet marketing. I like to write. Personal development was my hobby for my adult life. I enjoyed photography and I'm very organized. This is a match. I will do everything! Now there is a niche website.



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