Finding Internal Peace

What if you had everything for everyone and nothing left. In a nutshell: I lacked my own peace. How would you handle it? What if you say "You look dry and need some time – for you." What's your answer? What if you were looking for something, but you have no idea what it was. Where does the search start?

Anyone who's "us" and many others could ask. Strangely enough, everyone's answer may be a little different. There are times in life's movements when there are so many things around us that we cannot recognize what is happening inside. It is time to step back from the challenges of life, turn off the voices of others, and go on a journey – search for inner peace.

The search begins in the bedroom. In this short period of time, they are looking for their suitcase, a diary or a notebook, and some basic clothes. It is packed to get to a place that does not include friends and family members. You are ready to look for inner peace. This place can be anywhere (outside your home), which allows you to think, pray, meditate, and try to return home with a little different woman than a few days before.

The desire for inner peace is one thing, but another is to work consciously to obtain it. That's how the work begins:

First Day – Identify and describe the things or people that prevent you from having inner peace. Be very specific about how they affect you. If they exhaust you, sometimes this indicates that the change must happen. There is currently no need to develop an action plan. The key is to identify the challenge.

Day 2 – Review the list from the previous day. Place the items described in order to see how important the changes are. You can create two or three bullet points under each item that are your action plan. Enter the effect that will be when it changes. Please note that this may change because the future cannot be predicted.

3rd Day – Review your list, action plan, detected output, and make the appropriate changes. It's time to return home. It's time to have inner peace.

The plans begin in their hands on the road to inner peace. You are the only one who can fulfill your need for inner peace. Clean up people or things in order to achieve the goal. Every day you load an item on a list brings the end of the journey closer to the inner peace. The woman who packed her bags a few days ago will get acquainted again in the coming days, weeks or months. As Dr. Brian L. Weiss said, "You are greater than your fears, worries, bitterness, and worries – even greater than your own suffering." The inner peace you desire is available. Where does the search start?



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