Finding peace and happiness

Life is a journey that has no beginning and no end. There is an exemption number of experience, each of which converts. And these experiences are characterized by emotions while experiencing this experience. If you feel negative feelings, do not judge so badly. Nothing is good or bad. That's right. You are the one who assigns the tags. What some people can feel is a mere happiness, for others it's just hell. If you love animals and nature, and your friend loves motor racing, how do you feel when you are in a 2 day race with your friend? You probably would not be very happy while your friend has a ball. That is how our individual experiences and their feelings live.

We can choose what we want to experience and even more to choose how we feel during the experience. The choice of experience is the same as following the truth. Listen to what you love inside and follow this setting. And if you follow what you love, you will feel inner peace because you choose your kindness and there is nothing that you do not like, that is, it can not cause a negative feeling. Even though you have an experience you have chosen, you will still feel unhappy. Then listen to your inner voice again and check what your preference is at the moment. When you make the necessary steps to change your experience to your new preference and change your feelings about your experience at once. There is no reason to be happy ever. Everything in your power is to change your experiences at every moment and to have your feelings from negative to positive.

Most of your thoughts are you and who you are. Your thoughts pass your life and are in the beginning you create. Every step, every act, every work, every experience starts with a thought. And that idea triggers another idea and so on. And when your thoughts – which have a great influence on your experience – are negative, then it is very difficult to choose a positive one to make the next thought positive.

Thoughts are extremely powerful, but they are difficult to check them individually. Your emotions are there before you follow your best management system because they always reflect the type of your minds. If you tell yourself again and again that your life is miserable and that you are not dissatisfied (like a negative thought), your emotions reflect these thoughts and become miserable. If you decide to think happy thoughts, you will be happy and empowered and you will experience inner peace. Therefore, inner peace reflects your emotions, which are and are the root of your thoughts.

It is important to understand that you choose your thoughts and emotions. They will not enter you through a mysterious process. No, you are responsible for thoughts and emotions and not for the external circumstances of your life. You experience certain circumstances because of your emotions and thoughts, not vice versa. The Universe sends us to us, which suits our thoughts and feelings. If we miss the shortage, we will experience several shortcomings. If we are happy, we will have more happiness. If you accept this responsibility and really fully understand all its consequences, you can begin to choose the ideas that are consistent with the ones you want to be.

Imagine some of the world's best athletes. They are preparing for success and victory. Part of their success is due to physical training, no doubt! But it is equally important to train the mind to win themselves. Do you think they never doubt you? Of course, they do, but they learn how to move their thoughts positively. And as athletes are able to break world records through physical and mental training so you can redirect your thoughts and feelings about who you want to be at every moment of your life.

And the final step of who you are who you want to be is to continue your actions. After you find out what your truth is, you must follow your actions. For example, if you want to go to the cinema or start writing a book or spend an evening with a nice friend, you need to take the right steps. Otherwise, creating an image you know is not right for you. This is similar to helping a friend help them, for example. They invite them to have dinner and never follow this. After a while the friend will not believe in the invitation. Same subconscious. If you only follow the surface if you recognize your preference, but never live and never follow it, some of you may feel that you are a cheat and do not believe in yourself. And this is very damaging to gain the life you dreamed of. You can not grasp the abundant potential of the universe and at the same time send out the message you do not believe in yourself. It's like trying to drive a car with the handbrake. It will not work!

So if you are aware of your thoughts and feelings, and if you are convinced of what your truth is all the time and when you follow your actions, there is a recipe for inner peace and happiness. Pay attention to your emotions and thoughts and guide them to the success of peace and happiness, to love – whatever you want in your heart.

Keep in mind that this is a continuous process for many times during which you feel a challenge. Just focus on the moment and do not worry about tomorrow or next year. Stay positive and stay in the moment. Trust in your heart that this is the way to happiness and inner peace. And I trust that this is the only way to truly create the life you want. You have to understand at all levels that negative thoughts create a negative life. Positive thoughts create positive emotions that create whatever you dreamed of. There are no limits in this universe. Whatever you can do is what you want. Everyone can see the world's greatest inventors and creations, for example. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison. All of these people believed in themselves and were still positive about the failures they experienced. They are no different from you. Everyone has the same creative potential as we all come from the same Source, from the same universe. God does not give some people 10% potential and 90% of others. Everyone has the same opportunity to create the life they seek. You are here to decide which path you choose and what you want to create in your life. There is no need for the next great invention. You may want to have your heart with a family, an affectionate workplace, a web site, helping others, traveling the world, whatever you want. Just focus on your truth and ignore those suspicious thoughts. Instead, change your thoughts to the strong positives that will allow you to seize this enormous universal source of creation.



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