Finish the cellar

The best part of finishing the basement is the structure in place. No roof, socket or foundation needed. All of this is part of the original structure, so there is no need to add costs and problems. Here are some other ways to make the basement project more budget friendly.

Painted floors

Because cellars are underground, they are famous for their wet or wet condition. This can cause problems for some building materials and finishes. The great fight is the stain of the existing concrete floor. By painting the floor, it creates a cost-effective, moisture-resistant surface that will not be damaged if the basement floods.

Open Ceiling

Another possible design issue that often arises at the end of the basement is how to handle the ceiling when the mechanical systems are on the road. Things like the sewer system, drainage pipes and beams can really be cut into the room in the basement. If you use a fallen ceiling, the lowest channel or drain pipe will create the ceiling height. In order to fight, some builders combine the plasterboard and the fallen ceiling grid, but this can be confusing.

Another option is to create an open ceiling concept where the entire ceiling is open and painted. This opens up space and gives you great access to future changes to your first floor. For example, if you need to add a cable or electrical connector in the future, the foundation's open ceiling concept will make it easier.

Plumbing Locations

It's always good to have a bathroom in the basement easy to access. Unfortunately, this can be costly if the channels are no longer rough. Cutting and removing concrete can be time consuming, messy and expensive. So, to minimize specific jobs, place your new bathroom near existing plumbing.

If this is not possible, consider installing a grinder and pump to raise the waste to the correct height. This pump forces wastewater to flow through existing gravity to existing channels and limits the amount of concrete repairs needed.

The cellar can only be completed from $ 8 per square meter to $ 10 if you manage the project yourself and follow these tips.



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