For Peace: Continuity of Obedience and Integrity Honesty

Peace of mind is a form of success, but success does not guarantee peace. Honesty is the decisive factor. Honesty is obedience to laws and rules. Social consciousness respects the laws to avoid punishment, profit or social contract. Personal honesty is the consistency and consistency of thought and integrity. To achieve the state of peace, all of us have to prove personal integrity. This can be achieved by a behavior that is a continuity that connects obedience and integrity. From the standard obedience, the progression of integrity starts from obedience to avoid punishment, obedience because of perceived and / or received rewards and obedience determined by social contract.


The simplest form of sincerity is blind obedience. At this level, obedience appears to the empowering persons, including children, to the parent, the student to the teacher, the citizen to the law enforcement officer, religious leader to the believer, etc. Individuals are trained to execute orders or to obey the authority or position issuing commands. Individuals question each other simply because an authorized person submits an application or request from them. At this level, the most commonly the nature of the children's trusting nature, individuals do not want to understand the options and the consequences of their obedience. Blind obedience may be needed if individuals lack maturity or intellectual reasoning to understand the need for compliance or trauma, emergency or crisis.

The fear of punishment

The second level of honesty is to obey the punishment. Often, this section of social honesty is only at the level of compliance. Behavior is observable and quantifiable for the outside world, so social pressure becomes a major incentive. In addition to the traffic law, fear of punishment enforces compliance.

Perceived and / or Received Benefits

The third level of honesty is obedience based on perceived and / or received benefits. Behavior at this stage is observed and motivated by abstinence. Compliance is individually motivated and official figures often understand the individual's personal wishes or desires to achieve the desired obedience. Parents can promise posters in the park in exchange for co-operation in bed.

Social Contract

Persecution of personal interest is the essence of obedience based on social contract for the benefit of others. If the security, safety and benefits of a collective group are desirable, then the same rules are required. Here we obey, because he is right and maintains social order. Whether I see my actions or myself, I follow my own beliefs to support the group's goodness. It supports everything. Beginning from the mind, obedience is essential to fit into the system and learn the skills that are needed to be successful within the system.


At the highest level of sincerity, continuity is integrity or honesty. Integrity is the elimination of disturbance and anxiety of cognitive dissonance with opposite thoughts and behaviors. Such discrimination is often linked to manipulation, deception, and justification. Real personal integrity is at the heart of our soul. Honestly, if others do not see it. Social pressures are real and powerful, and in order to improve integrity, it must be decided to remain honest before the pressure of the particular situation. People of integrity can expect to stand up right, even if they are not unpopular and act honestly even if nobody sees it. Integrity allows other people to trust us because they know we appreciate our commitments and try to live with them. Integrity is consistency between word and action, thinking, and action, and between intent and behavior. Here begins the pursuit of peace .

Blessed obedience is the lowest level of sincerity. As we feel, the level of obedience moves toward public honesty to avoid punishment or rewards. Obedience based on social contract is to develop internally and to improve others in order to maintain order. Finally, integrity or personal integrity becomes a gradual level of continuity. Courage and commitment are needed to achieve this honesty gradually. The truly honest man's mind is free from intimidation of conflicting ideas. This allows for greater wisdom, which in turn gives positive and negative gratitude for everything. Only at this point can peace begin with any degree of regularity.



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