Forgiveness – the key to peace

The concept of forgiveness has been around since the beginning of human existence. Most, if not all, spiritual teachers and coaches were involved in the teaching of forgiveness. Jesus is believed by many to have proved the end of penance when he said on the cross, "Father, forgive them for not knowing what they are doing." There is the false feeling that we must apologize in God for absolute forgiveness. All the sight – everyone knows that God forgives us without we need it. So they themselves and others who have to apologize.

o "The wrong man: forgive … divine." Alexander Pope

o "If we really want to love, we must learn to forgive." Teresa's mother

o "The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is a powerful attribute." Mahatma Gandhi

o "No revenge is as complete as forgiveness." Josh Billings

o "Poisoning hurts, forgiving forgives!" Larry James

o "Lead the enemy with no force but with apology". Unknown Writer

o "The flood of anger is like an extramuration, it will only be worse, forgiveness is the answer." Unknown writer

o "There is no future without forgiveness". Desmond Tutu

o "Ask me not to forgive me, but ask me how to forgive me". Miracle of Miracle

What do you think when you think of repentance? Traditionally, forgiveness is a dilemma. Forgiveness has long been perceived as a way to go through the past. In other words, we let go of the other person from the hook – so the convict carries the burden of making the gap better. This is the perception that let someone who has created angst or hurt the hook is difficult to understand is far less realistic. On the one hand, someone did something ugly that annoys us; On the other hand, we know that we must forgive to move away from anger, pain, anger, or disappointment. Forgiveness is to leave the experience. You can not go back to a balanced state when you're hangin 'in anger. Rotation is another word for forgiveness. This does not mean that the other person is released from the hook. On the contrary, when you forgive, you return the full burden of experience to that person.

There are some acts (eg Genocide or slavery) and perpetrators (Hitler, aggressor, serial killer, terrorist) that traditional consciousness encrypt us that they are unforgivable. Traditional forgiveness can last for years, it may require extensive therapy and promises to preserve the victim's consciousness.

However, there is an approach to forgiveness that allows you to get rid of dilemma and double bondage. Forgiveness does not allow another person to hook. & # 39; Forgiveness releases emotional attachment to their behavior. Thus, if someone forgives the other person, he will leave anger, sadness, anger or nervousness to the person whose behavior has triggered the feeling.

Healthy forgiveness is virtually instantaneous, inexpensive, and one comes from the victim's consciousness. & # 39; This is a step-by-step process, the main tool being a workbook that requires you to simply write and loudly pronounce the terrible deeds that another has committed. After the annoying acts have been identified and recognized, the next step is to identify your reaction – for example, anger, sadness, pain, anger, or disappointment. The third step is to examine how these reactions will serve you. What is the profit? You realize that these negative emotions do not serve you. The fourth and final step is the release of negative emotions, thus liberating yourself from accepting the behavior of man, which is – the problem, the problem. When it comes to anger, pain, anger, or disappointment, the problem becomes a matter of self and their own problem.

Forgiveness is the ultimate gift that you can give yourself.



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