Foundation – a good foundation for your face

To prepare your skin for a good foundation, you first go through your skin care routine. If you do not, you have to do it here. First, clean and then use paint, then mask the peeling. The mask should not be performed twice a day, twice a week every second. It's important to peel off the dead epidermis that will ruin the look of the makeup and pull your bases up when applied.

Then you want to hydrate. At this point, you can select a moisturizer that has a built-in and painted sunscreen for those who just prefer a mere foundation layer. Apply it and go to the "powder" step below. If you choose normal coverage, choose a moisturizer, just SPF (unless you are allergic to SPF).
After moisture, you can apply the concealer to any problem area. One of the tips I've learned to use the concealer from the whole skin to your base is to use only a very lightweight layer. I tried this and loved the results. Really flawless skin!

The next step is the actual basis. There are liquids, creams, creams to powder, sticks, foams and so on. You should try them and find the right style and shade for your skin type and season. If you cut it dry in winter, you must reset. If you use a powder base, use a brush and you are ready to use colorizotics. If you used the concealer as a base, just use the standard base slightly. If you have just put the scoring on the problem areas, use a normal foundation layer. Be sure to use the appropriate shade of the foundation. From time to time I see again, the neck is pale and her face darker. Mix well in your jaw so that people can not tell you that the foundation is over and your neck begins.

When using your skin base, use it out and down on your face, never go up. Apply with your fingers or cosmetic wig. I use wedges, but not my favorites, because they tend to soak many bases. They are much finer than using my fingers. Also, it is gentler to use in a subtle environment. You do not want to pull or pull.

You now want dust to apply to the foundation. You do not have to do this when using cream on powder basis. Prepared for creamy, then dry, glossy spray. I like this kind of foundation because I do not have to touch it during the day. Powders are in different formats, generally loose or printed. Loose powder may sink with a large, fluffy powder, or may blow dust. The pressed base can be used in compact form with a small dusting or cosmetic sponge. I taught that the powder is applied in a downward motion, since all the small coats on your face should be in the same direction. It follows this suggestion when using the pressed dust, but when I'm loose with powder, I'm over the place with the dust brush.

So there is a base for your face. Now you are ready to color. Even those who want to have at least one small lip gloss or mascara want natural appearance. In a future article, I touch the color application. If you simply can not wait, go to my website.



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