Foundation – Find the right skin type and skin type

In my make-up classes, so many women struggle to find the right foundation, but it can not be a difficult task if you follow the easy guide.

How to choose the right one …

Choosing the right foundation is one of the most difficult things to do. You look good and look awesome, you're bad, and no make-up is good if it looks good. So before you go to the beauty salon, take the next steps so you will not miss the huge product line.


Dry skin …

A moisturizing base or a liquid mineral foundation with a dewy, reflective surface can be useful. Avoid dust / foundation in one.

Combined Skin …

This type of skin is very lucky because you can use any type of base depending on how it looks. Liquid or dusty mineral foundation is a good choice. Problem or oily skin … Problematic skin would benefit from oil-free priming, some cream-based powder (and some new oil-free) and powder / foundation in one. Or the matte mineral powder foundation. Avoid creamy, moisturizing or reflective materials. Try an oil primer primer as well.

Mature Skin …

A moisturizing primer or reflective light is best for mature skin. The cream can also be good on the powder, depending on the size of the cover. Look for a semi-matt or dewy surface that is not too heavy. Avoid too heavy, opaque or matt surfaces, as this may become very aging. The liquid mineral foundation would look awesome. Under the foundation a line filling skin support can help the appearance of the complexion.

Cover: Sheer (Little is perfect, perfect for young perfect perfect skin), Light (a little better for someone who just wants to show complexity, good for dry, combined or mature skin), Medium (medium narrow, slightly smaller than the perfect complexion, suitable for all skin types), Opaque (maximum covering for the skin you need, eg scars, broken veins, birth marks, very dry).

Then select the type of surface you want: Glossy is just for youthful, flawless skin. Dewy / Moist can be applied to any problematic or greasy skin. Demi-matte is excellent for all skin types. Matte is the best problem / oily and combined skin.

In Counter

After selecting the right foundation, depending on the type of skin, preference, and coverage, you are ready to find the perfect color. To find the right color, place a base strip on your chin, not on your back. The color is not the same. Let it settle for a few minutes to see if the color changes when the foundation reacts with its skin with natural oils. Now check in natural sunlight, this is the only real light. The basic color you DO NOT see is the right one. Do not tempt to change the skin color with the primer, it will only appear as a false mask. Find out that you have to mix two bases with the perfect shadow for you, do not worry that Make-up Artists do this all the time.



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