Foundation for Good Marriage

A real building can not firmly establish the test of time, so marriage must stop trying time, because the basis of such marriage must be critical and must be solid. Here is a list of a solid base element:

1. Good character . "Houses are built up through wisdom, and they understand that they are grounded." A good attitude must be developed that will result in the material and marketability of marriage. You have to clear all the bad characters like chatter, sobbing, abuse, malice, anger, pride, defeat, gossip, anger, stubbornness, and what. All this is combined to bring everyone out of good life and marriage. Work on yourself and allow God to breathe and to produce such a good character as kindness, forgiving spirit, humility, kindness, joy, happiness, and hospitality, all of which together provide good marriage with God On your side.

2nd Good choice. No decision is made without the choice and any choice you make today determines your future. If you choose it badly, you will make your choice and allow God to determine your marriage choice; it will be a good marriage. Take the opportunity to make God's decisions in life.

3rd Good communication. If you do not know how to talk well, you will not be fond of people. Learn when and when to speak. Proverbs 4: 7 says, "Wisdom is the primary thing: you will get wisdom and understand with all your knowledge." Be sure to act and respond wisely to every unique difference. Develop a big heart to accommodate people with the difference. This attitude helps a lot in marriage. Shalom!



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