Foundation Improvement Guaranties

Warranty Game is the industry's most widely used sales tool. The most advertised, but most misunderstood part of, making repairs on your own is a warranty. The "Lifetime Warranty" or "Life Long Term Guarantee" or even the "Longest Warranty in the Business" will be visible. What does this mean? What is the guarantee? Are there any charges for the warranty? Most importantly, what kind of guarantee do I need?

The First Counseling Guarantee – Read It! If the seller does not have a copy to read, tell him to go. In general, there is only one reason why you do not have one and is because you do not want to read it. If the warranty is too long or too difficult to read, forget it. The guarantees are simple – "This is what we cover and this is as long as we cover it."

When it comes to lifelong guarantees, be careful. In some states, the "lifetime warranty" is 7 years, some say that 11 years and then some states are in the life of the device. Why would a life-long guarantee be 7 years? This is possible because, according to the general law adopted by some states, the normal life of the service is 7 years. In this condition, the lifetime warranty is not as good as the 10 or 15 year guarantee of others.

Limited Warranty is included as standard in the basic repair. The term "restricted" means that the only thing that is covered is the things that can be affected by the work done. You still want to read this type of guarantee and understand what you are fed for and how long. Do not forget to ask if there are any fees before the contractor respects the guarantee.

The manufacturer's warranty is the number one item you need to search for. If the custom installer leaves the business, someone remains behind the purchased products. The best manufacturers offer a very simple and comprehensive guarantee for their products. A specific manufacturer has a three-part guarantee form that specifies exactly what to feed and for how long. One copy for the installation contractor's records, the other two goes to the real estate owner. The realtor then sends one copy directly to the manufacturer, so there is no doubt that he has been submitted. Simple and effective.

Warranties can not be cumbersome, easily accessible and straightforward. They have to say what is covered and how long. If you hire a founding engineer to design and supervise installation and recommend a product delivered by a quality manufacturer, you will never have to penalize it. If this is the case, first call the engineer, second, the contractor and, finally, the manufacturer. The problem is solved and you will be happy.

Do not play the warranty game. You can make quality people for the most valuable work and be sure you've made the right steps to pay.



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