Foundation Problems in Winter

Cold weather can crack the foundations that allow water to enter the structure. Water is the biggest enemy of the foundation. When it penetrates a structure, it can cause more cracks and much more.

Foundations can crack in cold weather even when the temperature is above freezing. How cold should it be to cause foundation problems? Start checking for damage if the temperature drops below 40 ° C for three or more days.

Winter rain also increases soil. Expansion under the foundation can move a foundation up called the sky. If your home is based on soil that contains a lot of water, damage to soil expansion can be extensive for your home.

If frost develops in the soil, it increases its volume, which can also raise the base. When the frost is released, there is a suction that draws more water. Constant freezing and thawing cause uneven base pressure and ground shifts.

What can you do to prevent foundation problems in winter? Let's start by checking the floor, ceiling, walls, doors and windows.

Floors: One way to check foundation issues is to walk through the house. If you are bouncing, sagging, slipping or bending, you have a good chance of having a basic build problem. The gap between the floor and the wall is another bad indicator.

Ceilings and Walls: Find cracks in internal and external wells and cracks in the ceiling. Also check the roof for hinged or missing shingles or tiles, and for any other proof. If the plasterboard strip is torn or bends, or stretches from the wall, a professional primer repairer will examine your home. Also check for cracks or damage on both sides of the floor plan area. Usually you see vertical cracks in the walls of the concrete. If the cracks are horizontal or have a staggered appearance, the real problem may be the priming and the reinforcement of the concrete foundation.

Doors and Windows: When a hole is cut into a wall, especially in a door or window, it will be the weak point of the structure. The movement of the foundation creates gaps between the door frame and the window frame. Cracks from the corner of windows and doors are also visible. In addition to looking for any damage, open and close the doors and windows to make sure they are properly aligned.

If it rains, go outside and look at your home's exterior walls. Water accumulating around the building can cause foundation problems. Fix the drainage problem immediately.

Do you have a irrigation system? Sprinkler pipes and heads can fail in winter. You need to check them regularly, along with other external tubes and water sources.

The Foundation's repair technician or founder can check your home and exterior for any issues that may be the basis. The foundation's repair costs are minimal, as repairs are not only more costly, but also help preserve your home value before increasing problems.



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