Franchise is the Palestinian Territory for Peace

There is a great tension between Israel and the Palestinian people, and the election of Hamas to power has only worsened, since Hamas is a well-established International Terrorist Organization.

Most people agree that Israel has the right to defend their people from the Ham. Some are cleansed for cancer, Hamas and everyone who supports it. The items say they have to leave if they do not want to be removed.

How can this problem be resolved? Some said that the huge conflict zone of Israeli rule was spread by mixed culture as the Palestinian government collapsed and only the bad things could happen. These strategists say that now is the time to move. Israel has demonstrated its ability to operate a civilization, perhaps an expanded buffer zone, the Israeli rule of law, which will have its own state government and a mixed government. Should you be in a franchise-like state? But under control?

If this can not be done under Israeli control, you may be able to test with the UN and create a UN-franchise state and start and allow ex-patriot Muslim Muslims in the countries of the first world who want to establish it steering wheel. In addition, build football fields nationwide agility and sports competitions, not bombing and demonstrations. There is a need for economic development and scientific development as well. It's a project that takes time, but it's worth it. Now we should consider all possible options, and maybe it's time to act now? Consider this in 2006.



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