From anger to rest

Anger is a serious problem in every five American people. Road rage, work violence, abuse, and even addiction are just a few of the many terms. The reason why such a large mass of our nation states is antidepressant, overweight, and involved in all kinds of difficult relationships is directly attributable to the effects of anger, especially the hidden kinds.

Anger has many faces. It appears in different shapes and has different consequences. The most frustrating anger is the simplest way to cope and understand. When we are someone we know we are openly angry, we know that we are attacking and directly dealing with it. Unfortunately, however, most anger is lurking beneath the surface. Often our consciousness is manifested in infinite, hidden ways – such as depression, anxiety, apathy, hopelessness and many other forms.

We are afraid of all kinds of external enemies today. It is not easy to recognize, however, that the worst enemy we are facing is the fury that lies in us, the terror that it causes us, and how this poison has a great impact on our lives. One thing is to tell them to forgive each other. The other is to know how to do this. Even though we want to apologize, anger can be cruel in the process of attacking the body, spirit, and spirits by attacking and blocking it. Nevertheless, we need a number of concrete steps to root this toxin out of our lives. As the results are reflected, they are reflected not only in our mental and emotional well-being, but also in our environment and our physical health. When anger stands out, love and forgiveness naturally arrive and our lives and relationships become what they want.

Some of the Forms of Anger 24 –

The first step is to raise awareness of rooting out anger from our lives. It is indispensable to recognize the anger that is, aware of, that it will appear and notice the destruction it causes. If anger remains disguised, it will seize us and easily destroy the quality of our entire life. By detecting the anvil 24, we can illuminate the torch in the poison. Then we can choose to eliminate all these bite forms, one day a day. There are many amazing antidotes we can do. Rather than catching anger, we simply change a viable, constructive, curative response.

Initially, we look at the form of anger 24 and how it affects your life. Further articles will be explored and explained in detail in The Anger Diet. In this article, we also look at ways that can be eliminated.

1) Straight anger – attack.

This anger is clear and easily recognizable. Anger comes out immediately. Many people regret it and feel they can not control themselves. This type of anger has its own life; is like a lightning storm and can easily become verbal, emotional or physical abuse.

2) Hypocrisy –

You are angry, but you hide, smile, and fake (19459003) who looks like someone else. This behavior turns into all sorts of bad faith. Though you think you are deceiving others, you actually lose yourself and your self-esteem.

3) Depression –

Depression is so widespread in these days and gamut ranges from mild to severe. Depression is turned against anger and anger. This is because he is unable to identify or adequately express the anger he feels. Then it simply becomes depressed and attacks the attacker.

4) Passive Aggression –

This is a form of anger that is not what we are doing, but
we do not do. We do not reject the other person they ask, want or need. In this way, we frighten the other while they seem to be too demanding. This is the way to express anger without taking responsibility for it and blaming it for the other we started.

Steps of Anger

Needless to say, there are many concrete steps to revoke various forms of anger. We offer some samples. The point is to recognize that anger can be dissolved in a moment. We can choose to see things differently. We can choose another answer.

It takes only a moment to increase the situation and at that moment the trouble can move. We must stand in the middle of the automatic anger that arises and beware of what is happening. We must know and decide that we will not let the anger take over and control it. We have the right and responsibility to choose how we react. Examples of Enhancing Anger:

1) Straight Attack:

Stop in a situation where you are angry or attack. Expand your views. Instead of responding knee-drowsy, he says to himself, "Like me, this person treats him like this person as you do it, he recognizes the similarities and common humanity he shares, instead of focusing on differences. Moment, allow man to be right, there is plenty of time to come later, ask yourself what's important for you to be "right" or not angry? Choose compassion and see how it feels

2) Hypocrisy:

This is a common form of anger that manifests itself in many ways: when you realize that you are sorry, lied, overwhelmed, or exaggerated, you have to look at the other faces, see your new visions in your life. If you do not know what truth, silence and listen to, what is the deepest truth for you (This does not mean pouring negativity or it means you take responsibility from it i true and true store you good intent, link you to what's most important in your life.)

3) Depression:

Make friends with yourself. When we are depressed, we reject, hate and blame ourselves. Leave this false state of mind. Find five things you admire and respect who you are. Focus on sharing good attributes on the other. In depression, we only absorb ourselves. The wonderful antidote will absorb how to reach and help the other. As we take the root of anger from our lives and find meaningful substitutions, we raise and enhance not only our lives, but also the lives of our loved ones, our friends and acquaintances. Try the whole angry diet and see it.

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