Fun and Joy – What's the difference between fun and joy?

Fun and pleasure both feel good, yet there are two different concepts in life.

Yes, you too. Even depressed traumatized people enjoy joy and enjoyment, even if they are in short moments at a certain point in their lives.

Joy and fun serve two different purposes in your life. These are five different ways:

1. Fun is something you experience during some operation. You may be reading or physically active. You're doing some fun.

Joy is far more passive than active. You feel happy when thoughts (good perceptual interpretations of events) reflect on your minds

. Fun parents laugh. In fact, when you meet a lot of fun, you laugh loudly or even roll on the floor. Tears can flow over his face.

If you entertain it, it usually makes noise. Think of people on roller coasters and every bit of crying.

Joy is an inner experience, a quiet peace of mind. You are delighted to enjoy it as a feeling.

3rd Fun is usually (but not always) a common experience. You have fun with a friend or strangers. You are probably not alone when you do things that you describe as fun activities for you.

In fact, fun is part of the experience of other people's eyes. No one else is present. Joy is a totally unique work inside. Someone else's pleasure may or may not be obvious to you. And you will not miss your own joyful experience.

4th Fun is instantaneous. You're doing something that's fun. And then you are ready for the fun activity. It is certain that memories will be long gone (even forever), but the event is over.

Joy feels like feeling of power. It is not a goal, but a place where emotionally or perhaps spiritually arrives. Happiness in your body, mind, and spirit is preserved.

5th Entertainment is easy to describe. Share the details of the activity and the others understand what you did. They may agree or disagree that this activity would be fun for them. Does not matter. That was good for you.

Joy is more abstrusive and helpless. Others can observe your face and body language, yet describing how you feel, setting your joy – this is not easy. Maybe it is not possible.



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