Garlic and onions are poisonous to the brain

This article is a very personal judgment about the effects of Allium that any garlic and onions

since my age of 13 (now 44) are my own personal experiment and have a strong understanding and interest in all health and fitness exercises throughout my life . I am here to offer my knowledge of Allium by mentioning spirituality and scientific references.

After carrying out studies and observations, personal evidence has come to the conclusion that any type of Allium is consumed, whether cooked or raw, which damages the functioning of the mind and body.

The first mention of bulbs and garlic was harmful to my health during Reiki's courses and my Reiki master recommended it to Sydney in Australia 8 years ago. This is because, for the first time in the practice of Reiki and during healing work, it is advisable for all customers not to consume the Allium because of the intrusion of intellectual activity, the scent left by the specialist and the customer. In my sense, it is like the known benefits of aromatherapy. Flavors cause some emotions in humans, so while exercising Reiki, you should not leave the flavors that violate or reject the client. Our client must be in a calm and contemplative mood or state while being treated. So in practice, it is worth refrain from using Allium during a spiritual session. In addition to this note and in addition to Reiki's aim, I searched for garlic effects, avoiding it and finding more information that later proved to be very true after my own experiments.

I've found that Allium passes through the blood-brain barrier and destroys the brain cells. They also synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The section between the two hemispheres of the brain is the section where most brain cells are destroyed and hence the brain waves between the two hemispheres are led to desynchronization. It seems scientifically quite disturbing, but in physical practice the results are like things like depression, anxiety, nervousness, aggression, lethargy, fatigue, and all negative reactive emotions, as I would describe

. to create social awareness simply for the preservation of peace. I firmly believe that the consumption of Allium in social situations tensed the unnecessary effects of tension and hindered connections and communication.

Of course, when I read or know the garlic and the bulbs, as they had the same impression as I was doing over the years, that it was good for us. And, of course, scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, they kill bacteria and viruses, and even brain tumors. All this is true, except the fact that they do not mention how they can do this. The reason for controlling or reducing blood pressure is due to the permeation effect of sulphonone hydroxides in Allium. It kills your brain and slows it down, then slows down your heart rate, thereby reducing your blood pressure. Because they kill bacteria and viruses because sulfon hydroxyl is actually a poison! It is therefore forbidden for dogs or cats to feed onion or garlic, because they are literally fatal, being less intelligent lifestyles than humans. People are better adapted and able to withstand alcohol, cigarettes, medicinal (both therapeutic and triggering) caffeine, and numerous chemicals that can kill you at high doses.

Allium's toxic effects are still worth mentioning when entering the local hardware store and visiting the garden, you will see some natural ecological products to protect plants against pests. They are mostly GARLIC and CHILLI. Garlic is also a natural pesticide that suppresses and kills insects. That's why I always laugh when I figure out or read people who consume a lot of garlic and never bite mosquitoes! Hey I was one of those! He recognizes the scent of garlic in his blood and does not bite it! Good on the one hand because you never need to use an insect repellent, but it just shows how much garlic gets your blood and even that nature itself tries to avoid it.

I would like to mention at this stage that it was Greek and raised with too much garlic and onions and did not kill me, but to go to Greece and find out why the Greeks are such aggressive people! Until now, the road to get to the supermarket and if you see that you crossed the drivers, you're actually speeding up! You find yourself on the street so you do not get tired! I've lived in Australia for the most part in my life in Spain and the USA. Among them, the most aggressive are Greece and Spain. In my opinion, the Greeks really know that garlic is not so good for you. My mother was born, and now in the 80's she said that garlic warms up the blood. It's like it's overheated in a very hot day and you're suddenly in an aggressive mood. The same thing that you have made in the body. It processes the blood and gets the agar. All right, that's just another spin or observation without reference to Allium's toxic effects.

You could have talked about Dr. Robert Beck and mention the Ayurvedic medication and the jogle that are pushing for the Allium because they all said it and did it. In fact, there are a lot of things to do with Google.

Next and finally I'll talk about experimentation about my personal experiences. In fact, I would say that someone questioned, disputes or disputes the fact that Alliums are bad for you. Do a 3 day allium-free diet and look at the effects and improvement of your mind, emotions and relationships. It does not take long for you to leave your body, in fact they say that your body can bypass these toxins just like alcohol, caffeine, etc., so it only takes a few days to notice the difference. I did it, and all I had to convince was the benefits of cutting them.

My relationship with people has changed, and now it's great, no more aggression, much more understanding, compassion, kindness, tolerance, no shout, no judgment, no feeling like someone's attacking … but more logic in my decisions, peace in my mind, no more irrational depression or sadness, fear, and a much clearer idea and ideas. This is where I perfectly fit the reason why yogis prohibit Allium from their diet. Everything they do has something to do with spirituality and the closest "higher self". Here I understand why Reiki practitioners and masters and all the spiritual practices that they believe in their proximity do not eat Allians. Alliums have been practicing for thousands of years and for good reason! Until now, it is convincing whether they are aware of brain poisoning or whether they follow Ayurvedic practices or just know that anything that warms their blood causes aggravation. It may be a combination of these.

Chinese herbs are also aware that heat in the body causes bad skin conditions, lung and heart problems, and so on. Anyway, scientists and spiritual practices all came to the same conclusion as Allium. I've tried it myself, and that's proven.

As you have noticed, I spend more on health and the spirit than in most cases, and I hope my article was useful.

I would like to add that I have made observations with other people. There are some great examples of Allium's effects after eating with friends and family. A friend told me not to stop garlic and onions. I asked her to stop because I knew we would not get it for a long time. He did not eat garlic or onions for 2 days because he stayed with me and we were together. On the third day we went to a Chinese restaurant and stuffed anything and everything with garlic or onion, because it was a buffet! After 1 hour, we decided to look at the movie and drive it. It fell like bucketing and did not even see the cars in front of us. Aggressively fast speed and tail locks too! Quietly he asked to slow down, but he was angry, and as I continued to ask him to slow down, he was angry. From the point where I had to ask her to take her home before she killed both of us on the highway. I yelled and screamed all over and I was not mistaken. It was very clear to me that the aggression came straight from the restaurant.

Another good is my temporary neighbors. In the common area there is a lake that we kept together to pass in time and become ridiculous. It is a lake that has been maintained in recent years, but it needed help. I am also a pond specialist, after a few years I took possession of myself! It never fit the garlic, but one day it really did, and I barely stood next to it. I asked him if he had eaten garlic and he said he was. All right, I was in the lake the next morning and look crazy and tense and I asked what was wrong. She thought the fish would die, she told me, crying all night, worried about them. I was shocked to be the least! But I knew where he came from. Garlic! The next day was pleasant, cool, relaxed, happy, etc. Anxiety signs were not at all. Again and again, they did the same thing without cause, and they were distracted by the pond, tried to blame others for their condition, and again they ate garlic. If you are listening to people like me, you can tell the differences in reaction levels and general state of mind.

I recently visited Greece and managed to transform my aunt and my mother to release garlic and onions. Since then none of them have touched me and I'm going to go to my mother better than ever. His guarding is down, his understanding more, does not raise his voice, and is angry or frustrated, calm and very easy to join now. Huge difference. He literally took the garlic cloves and consumed them daily in the past!

I must mention that there are foods that exacerbate or heat the blood, but Alliums are the strongest. Harmful effects outweigh the benefits. "Benefits" are simply the effects of toxic chemicals or the killing / poisoning of things in the body / blood or the heating of the blood. There are plenty of other useful nutrition that prevents flu, colds and cancer, such as anything high in vitamin C. It is not necessary to kill the brain cells!

I myself was not close enough to be sick I stopped with garlic and onions in early 2015. I totally do not see any difference in my health, except for OTHER BENEFITS.

And this will end this article.

Try a 3-day trial, but it's not easy. Just like everything you've prepared, all kinds of sauces, salad dressings, cans, kitchens, mustards, cold meats, sausages and restaurants most of the food contains all sorts of garlic or onions to flavor. It's not easy to cook without cooking, but it can be very tasty to cook! Just add everything you normally do except the Allium or anything that contains aluminum. You can hardly notice that there is any difference between you and you can not avoid them.

Good Luck



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