Geometry in Fashion Design: Math is Basic

Are you one of those students who would like to decide on a mathematics textbook because they get into fashion design and dream the day they become fashion designers? Do you think the occupation and use of Mathematics is absolutely necessary?

Mathematics is a central part of our lives; we really can't avoid it even if we want to. We use it in so many ways and it is not called Mathematics. I've discovered this for many years when I worked at a mathematics department at a large university. One of the mathematics professors (man and doctoral student) did a very nice job in the upholstery. This was based on an algebra formula if you can believe it! His wife got it to make all the colorful plans because it made every color perfect symmetry.

So, if you are planning a career in fashion design or textiles, don't throw out the math book and don't necessarily take a set of geometry; you will need them. Let's take a look at the fact that geometry and the accompanying knowledge will be useful:

Forms – for example, design angles are important; armored skirts, V-necklines, asymmetric roofs, etc. These attractive patterns are designed by geometry to design aesthetically appealing clothes. Designers use geometric principles to create new designs.

Prints – The geometry is colorful and sophisticated. Fitting better for the office or the business world can be a geometric print.

The Basics of Design – Design, regardless of what you plan, is based on geometry. . It is fundamental to fashion and many other things. Without geometry, beautiful and seductive designs on the market would not exist. We would only wear plain old bags, or even be based on a rectangle.

In addition, if you look at admission requirements for a university offering clothing and textiles, you will see that one of the main topics is Math. This makes sense because the pattern is in every form and inches or centimeters

. we need and use mathematics every day of our lives. So get ready for this math test; do it well because the geometric problems you get can be used in real life situations in our career and in our daily lives



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