Ghana Symbol of Bi Nka Bi Adinkra – Embodiment of Peace

The early Asante predecessors of Ghana intelligently made many symbols that philosophical instructions to members of society were about the moral way of life. This has greatly contributed to promoting social cohesion and peaceful relations. The critical analysis of symbols reveals the ingenuity of Asante's forerunners. Many of the symbols created since the 1600s have symbolic meanings that give thoughtful advice to those who enrich the moral currency of those who follow them. One of these important Ghanaian symbols is Bi-Nka-Bi.

The pictorial representation of the symbol shows several convex curves that symbolically represent different people in society. In the philosophically designed image, these convex curves merge into a complete shape, indicating the unit or unit. So the symbol means peace between each other. Others say that this symbol is a representation of two biting fish, warning of all forms of fighting and controversy.

This symbol literally means "not angry with one another". Bite used in this context means competition, conflict or misunderstanding. The symbol encourages members of society not to allow anti-peace issues to disrupt the peace that exists between them. It supports the peaceful resolution of misunderstandings, which can project the core of competition and conflict. In a typical Asante environment, disputes between families are expected to be expressed and remedied at the family level by the Abusuapanyin family. By traditional law, you have the power to hear the complaint of all the parties that cause the dispute, to advise, and to settle the misunderstanding in a peaceful way before it can overcome and get into greater conflict. Stubborn parties who do not listen to the head of the family come to the head of the city, his boss and his elders' cabinet. He is the last word in every case and is considered to be convincing for all social conflicts. In the same light, difficult conflicts between the leaders of the neighboring towns and villages were sent to the chief leader to settle. All of these peace-building agreements in society for every member of society have tried to smoke the pipe of peace.

As a regular reminder of this important social order of Ghanaian society, the "Bi-Nka-Bi & # 39; In addition, the symbol is used as a protagonist to produce many jewelery items for personal decoration. It is appropriate for the 62nd Independence Day of Ghana to commemorate the symbol of the most important messages of peace between all ethnic societies in the country. The writer suggests that the foundations and institutions of peace use the symbol in the global representation of all forms of peace and peace education




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