God's Peace in Everyday Life

In trouble, worry and a lot of anxiety, worry and stress-filled world, we can forget as Christians that God's peace can be reached at any time and no matter what we are facing. God's peace is not outside us, but rather comes from us, our newly born soul. [the work which His presence within accomplishes] Peace of God [the work which His presence within accomplishes] is love, joy (happiness), peace …

God's peace is at our disposal through God, the Holy Spirit, who lives in our spirit of renewal. God cared for you in this confused, mixed world; that He enters his soul to have a permanent relationship with him and to give you peace. God's peace, says the Bible, gives you all understanding; in other words, do not be natural in such peace in such difficult times.

Jesus said to his disciples, God, the Holy Ghost, would come for our benefit.

John 16: 7 However, I am not telling you anything but the truth when I say that it is profitable (good, practical, beneficial) for you to go. For if I am not going away, the Comforter (Counselor, Assistant, Attorney, Contributor, Amplifier, Standby) will not come to you [into close fellowship with you]; but if I go, I'll send it to you.

God, the Holy Ghost came and lives in your soul for profit, your advantage in this world to be in close association with you and act with your counselor, helper, lawyer, intercessor, amplifier, and standby potential in this earth. In other words, here is where you need help, you need someone who wants to talk to you and give you excellent advice and direction for your life.

When we receive Jesus as our Savior, our spirit is born again, with the Holy Ghost and with peace from His presence. As a result, we are so peaceful as God in our souls with all the challenges facing him in this world; we only need to be notified of our soul, which is our minds, emotions and intellect. The Holy Ghost is as close to you as your inner man, your soul.

We must remember that God's peace is always available to us, and then he can work with the powerful, supernatural power of the fruitage of spirit. This means that we must not allow our minds and circumstances to direct our thinking. That's why I'm writing this article to let you know His presence in your life and the peace that comes from it.

Isaiah 1:19 If you only obey and let me help you, you will eat plenty. NLT

Every day the Holy Spirit of Peace invites us to help us. When we allow His help and allow our peace to direct their minds, he will be the source of our resources.

I remember when God gave the children of Israel what he needed for 40 years in the wilderness. He will do the same for us as he allows the Holy Ghost to help us.

God, the Holy Ghost, wants us to ask for help, and do not watch this world on our shoulders. : 6-7 Do not be careful; but in all things by prayer and supplication and thanksgiving let questions be conveyed to God. 7 And the peace of God, which gives all understanding, keeps your heart and mind by the Christ Jesus.

Peace of the Holy Ghost is that peace is at our disposal in the most difficult situations and the same peace as Jesus told the disciples to go with them. John 14:27 I leave you with peace; My peace [own] is now giving and reliance on you. I will not give you the world. Do not let your hearts interfere, do not be afraid. The transfer to us of the peace within us protects us from confusion, fear, shock, fear, intimidation, choking on external difficulties, and disorder in our minds. This is reality in the life of the spirit. Learning from our souls allows the Holy Ghost to direct our lives. He comforts the Holy Spirit of Peace, gives us counsel, helps us, strengthens us, and intercedes us; then we will make the right decisions for our lives each time.

If we do not live in this peace at this time, we are not aware of the peace that he or she is in or ignores Him. Perhaps he did not yet know the service of the Holy Ghost to calm down, advise, and help. You have to do it now and it will be soothing and peaceful. No problem is that your peace can not go through.

In the Old Testament, testimonies of those people who have experienced extraordinary salvation from God in the most difficult and difficult times. You can read about the enemy about supernatural debt, supernatural good, supernatural wealth and supernatural salvation, and more and more.

There may be some impossible things you face today. Now is the time to give you extraordinary testimony of the release. He is the same God and has the same abilities as in his own name. So just let God's peace come to your soul today.

God does not want us to care full of anything. Ask the Lord for help, thank him and fully await the peace of the Soul's fruits to show and hold or hold your mind to have peace beyond the human understanding that works in your name until the end. This is the mind filled with peace, the consciousness that remains in Him, which liberates the supernatural help of God.

This happened with Jesus in the garden before his crucifixion. In his sorrow to the cross, the peace and the legacy of God helped Jesus make the right choice to keep the will of the Father and to go to the cross

The pains of your life may not have caused you to sweat the drops like Jesus, but still the sweat under all. Our High Priest Jesus knows the sensation of the mind, desire, and emotional pressure. This is what makes him a sympathetic high priest who has touched our sense of weakness.

It is also called the Prince of Peace. Jesus is our Prince of Peace every day. We live in us and we are as peaceful as ours. God's peace is what the enemy of our soul will steal from day to day. God's peace is the guarantee of God for one victory after another. Therefore, decide that you are now in the peace of God and continue to count what is happening.

Those who do not know the peace of God will be available for lack of knowledge. Even the Christians experience the difficulties and a heartbreak in one after another, as they look outside and into people and things outside man and things instead of staring at God and his peace.

contains supernatural powers that are called the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, loyalty, tenderness and temperament) and which serve to change things in the most difficult situations. God does not want us to be relieved of natural people or natural things to free us since these supernatural forces entrusted us to do our work and then our supernatural nature.

God wants us to be supernatural in these days. That's why he came from us. Wait for God's supernatural ability to pass through the day and night.

With many faces we can forget that God's peace is as accessible to us as the disciples when they were faced with a terrible storm with a hurricane and the boat was with water. Jesus was so peaceful he fell asleep. Can you imagine? That is why the Prince of Peace was awakened and asked, "Are not you interested in dying?" Did you ask him or something? It understands and affects your feelings of weakness. Remember to be a human being.

The Prince of Peace is here today and every day to help you in every difficult situation, just as with the disciples. Understand that it gives you peace and helps the other fruit of the Spirit help you. He will never control your life, since the fruit of his presence gives you life. [Colossians 3:15] A wonderful scripture that we can use as a religion and enforcing the truth of God's peace, which answers the right answer at just the right time to always win, make a living in every decision you make. [Colossians 3:15] And let peace (the harmony of soul that comes) Christ rules (keeps running) your heart [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state] to which like [members of Christ’s] a body was called [to live]. And be grateful (admirer),

. "And leave the peace". We must "let" the fruits of peace inside to help us make the right decisions, guaranteeing that we will not put an end to shipwrecked lives. The peace of God makes us realize that we are aware of the things that look good or bad for us. The peace of God continually acts as the rulers of our soul; will help us to decide and settle once and for all the issues of ours in a peaceful state. We are living as members of the body of Christ in this peaceful state.

Peaceful is what we are in this world through Jesus Christ, no matter how chaotic in this world. Each day we must remind ourselves that God's peace is within us and is accessible to us; because it is only worsening in the world that we live but we do not live. The kingdom of God, the soul of Christ, is the life of our present life and through which we experience the peace of God that passes on natural understanding in this chaotic world.

Whatever happens around you that can be stressful and worry you can make whatever you are doing and wherever you are and just look at the God of Peace who is in you and listen and listen to what the Holy Ghost says or does or does not . His direction will always be right, even though its management may sometimes seem to be the craziest thing. Remember that he is the God of the Universe so he knows how to deal with the situation. Through her child, through the process of learning, her grace will cover your mistakes if you just ask. [Colossians 3:15] tells us we are in a relaxed state. This is the fruit of our spirit. Apple is a fruit of apple tree, and peace is the fruit of our spirit, now that God the Holy Spirit lives there. Peace is always in our souls and we go here when everyone is chaotic around us. It's like going to a different world, to a peaceful world. This is how precious God the Holy Spirit lives in us in our lives.

Sometimes I think that all that is around us, we wonder if he really cares if the disciples die. Jesus was there. The Prince of Peace was there and the Prince of Peace is here with us to nourish the storm of fear in our souls so that the outer things turn right. In this peace we can allow God to report to us in the storms of life and command: "Peace, be it!" The supernatural power of peace reassures us, attenuates situations and reassures people around us.

Peace comes to know our Heavenly Father because he is loving, joyful, peaceful, good, faithful, gentle, patient, governed and gentle. He always takes care of you and takes care of all the bad things when we get to our peace and do not worry and try to work with us.

Take some time with the Lord and let him be present, His peace, hope and strength fill his soul and begin to influence the outside, creating fear, anxiety, anxiety and stress. At present, the fullness of joy. Joy is another fruit of the Spirit that is at your disposal as you enter His presence and peace. Peaceful, fun and hopeful. From then on it goes beyond human comprehension. We still have the problem you are facing, but it is peaceful, cheerful and we hope that all our hope and expectation is to see the problems solved and to see the changes that you desire.

always keeps the Father with God and His Word, relying on themselves and confidently hoping for the Song of Songs. [Isaiah 26: 3-4] Keeps him guarded, and keeps him in perfect and constant peace, whose mind [both its inclination and its character] has remained on you because he is committed, relies on himself and confidently hopes. 4 Trust in the Lord (hold on him, rely on him, trust in you) forever; for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

The fruit of the Spirit, the work of His Gal. 5: 22 are listed, unbeatable forces. Think of it, love, God's unconditional love never goes and it causes you never to succeed because it is permissible to get rid of you. The fruit of the fruit of the Spirit strengthens its supernatural power when it feels weak. (Nehemiah 8:10) Then, under the peace of God, he pulls himself up and helps to make the right decisions that result in a successful, healthy, vibrant life.

Peace of God gives hope, God's hope. God's peace will create all hope we will need in this world.

This is a hope in a supernatural power that is more than a desirable thought. This hope of God will actually come to the place where you can seriously and intensely expect something to happen. And then you will experience it for a long time. He remained in peace, just like staying in faith, trusting God with us, and working out all our situations.

I believe that there is not much peace and hope in the lives of Christians today because they do not pay attention to God and do not allow the fruits of the Spirit inside them that change their lives

Let's make a quality decision that we will not retreat to live outside we will and allow God to work in our lives. It may not be easy first. We like to handle things, and our parents and others are well trained to handle things on their own, and we are worried, stressful and worried. This can be changed if we intimate Him intimately.

I suggest that you spend your time alone with the Lord, His presence, love, peace, hope, and power that will flood your soul; like the river, can have an impact on the soul (mind, desire, emotions, and intellect) and begin to influence the outside, which brings all the problems and anxieties. At present, the fullness of joy. There is still the problem of staring at the face, but it is peaceful, joyful, and all the hope and expectation with which to work things out.

Meditating the scriptures, especially in the New Testament, let the peace of God fill your mind instead of the problems. So start filling the mind with the word of peace to remain peaceful in all circumstances and make the right choices to guarantee your success.

If you would like to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and experience His peace, pray for simple prayer "My Father, I know that I am a sinner, I believe that Jesus came to this earth, died on the cross for all my sins, for my sake and for the future, and rose from the dead to justify. In your heart, Lord Jesus Christ, now as my Redeemer and Lord I receive you, the Holy Spirit of Peace is coming and living in my spirit. "

Welcome to God's family! Please tell me that you have received Christ. Here are the scriptures which I will share with you concerning the coming of the peace of God: Job 22:21 21 Take ye with you, and have peace; KJV

When we become intimate with the Lord, we will remain peaceful and good things will result in our lives. [34] Please seek and desire a peace and continue (continue) it.

Every day we have to seek courage, desire for God's peace and God's peace to follow or go, as we live in a chaotic world. God's peace does not come automatically. We need to seek spiritual things and seek our spiritual life in Christ so that we do not live in a physical life where the body governs us and determines our results. [Psalm. 37:37] Mark the Unbelieving Man and Look at the Truth Because a Happy End to the Peace Man

Peace is always the state of mind who knows he is right with God. So it is extremely important that we know that our truth is the only Calvary that is created in the finished work of Jesus. The justice of Christ always brings peace, as it eliminates the aspiration of being part of righteousness. The justice of Christ brings peace, which creates true happiness. The justice of Christ determines Christianity from every other religion that seeks to acquire their own righteousness. Psalms 85: 8 I will hear what the Lord God says, because he speaks peace to his people, to his saints (those who truly stand for him) ….

God sends his children peace every day when they are waiting for him to speak. The words of peace end all conflicts and confusion in our minds and affairs, and so it is urgent to listen to the expectation that He will speak. You are sure and waiting to hear that he loves to talk every day. This scripture is a wonderful day of confession. [119] Wonders 119: 165 Great peace are those who love your law; nothing can hurt them or stumble them.

Great peace, think about it. There is little peace, but "great peace" for those who love God's Word! The Word of God brings peace and preserves us from the crimes and the life of us, stunned. [Isaiah 48:18] Oh that you have listened to my commandments. Then peace and prosperity were like a river, and your righteousness was like the waves of the sea.

Have you seen the end of the first sentence of the punctuation mark? The exclamation mark highlights the need to listen to God and do what he tells us. Because our peace and prosperity is flowing like a river. What a confession for our everyday life! Jer 29:11 For I know the thoughts which I think of myself, saith the Lord, that I am thinking of peace, and not of the iniquity of the awaiting end of you. Jer 29:11 For I know the thoughts and plans which I speak unto them, saith the Lord, the thoughts and plans of prosperity and peace, and not the wickedness, to give hope in the final outcome.

So you worry about your future. Keep and stay in peace, that God has all planned. Do not worry and try to design yourself! Your plan is yours, instead of looking for prosperity from the government, a peaceful state instead of evil, and your hope and expectation is the end result for your God! Here is also a wonderful scripture that I would use as a daily confession instead of addressing the problems. [John1963] John 16:33 I told you these things that I have peace and trust. In the world there is distress and tribulation, anxiety and frustration; but be in a good mood [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! Because I defeated the world. [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you.]

Jesus did not tell us that life would be rosy and wonderful. Jesus warned us that they are faced with trials, tribulations, anxieties, and frustrations in the world. But in the midst of everything, Jesus said that we could be in peace. Then he told us to be cheerful, be courageous, confident, confident, and undone all because the one who lives in us to overcome the world has deprived him of his power to hurt us and he has won us.

Stay in peace, resting in the truth of Jesus' words and the fact that everything has been overcome by what the world needs to throw. He refused to give him power to harm us and conquer us. Here is another day of confession that allows God to direct our results. It is not only against the world, but you and your God who lived in you who have conquered your power to harm you. So keep in mind those who live in you and the fruits of peace and the other fruits that carry you in a supernatural way every moment. So, to God's peace and not to the pressure of life, and spend more time with him in difficult times. Intimacy with the Lord and His Word will affect him and he will be able to rise above you, just like David with Goliath; to the giant down! It lives in the spirit. Romans 8: 5,6 shows us the results of life from the body and soul.

Romans 8: 5-6 For those who are in the body, and their unholy desires direct them, and follow the things which satisfy the body, but those who are in the Spirit, and are driven by the desires of the Spirit, think themselves and look for things that satisfy the Spirit. 6 Now the Body of Mind [which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit] of Death [death that comprises all the miseries arising from sin, both here and hereafter]. But the spirit of spirit is life and peace. Life is from the senses and the reason that you live without the Holy Ghost, and it only leads to death and misery. But we live by the Spirit, the desires of the Spirit guide us and revive ourselves and seek things that satisfy the Holy Spirit, which leads us into life and peace in this world.

Rome 14:17 [After all] The kingdom of God is not the object of food and drink, but rather the truth (this is a state acceptable to man) and the peace and joy of the Holy Ghost.

Living the Kingdom is what we can suppose to experience on this earth and not just when we come to heaven. Living the Kingdom provides food and drink and everything we need and creates the justice of God, the peace that is all right, and the joy that brings spiritual, emotional power and all this to the Holy Spirit in our spirit. This is true of the Living Kingdom.

2 Corinthians 13:11 Finally, brethren, say goodbye (rejoice). Be strong (perfected, finished, doing what you should be); to encourage and console and comfort; let the same soul be one with each other; live in peace, and the God of love [Who is the Source of affection, goodwill, love, and benevolence toward men] and the author and supporter of peace will be with you.

We can be delighted, encouraged, comforted, and comforted, because peace is the author and supporter of us in the difficult and challenging days of our lives. Alleluia!

Filippi 4: 6,7 is a real blessing to my soul and I pray to yours.

Philippians 4: 6-7 Do not despair or worry about anything, but in all circumstances and in all things, with prayer and petition (with definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue your knowledge of God. 7 And the peace of God [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] that exceeds all understanding, will provide for your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

The peace of God that we can experience at any time exceeds human reasoning. God's peace garrisons and guardians of their minds, to have anything against us, we remain safe in what Christ has done for us, that we are in it. We become calm and confident that He who is in us is greater than the one in this world.

Every day of your life you have to choose to reach the peace of God, which is already inside you. Just bring him the Peace Author and Sponsor. You can do this choice before you begin each day before getting out of bed. Make the choice that no one or nothing should be allowed.

Pray for a simple prayer, for something like this:

"Father, I know that you live in me, you are my peace, I will now let the fruits of the Holy Spirit flow today, I am in peace all day, I let anybody or anything steal from me in the peace of God, multiply God's grace and peace on my help, the Holy Ghost, My Helper, the Comforter, and the Amplifier Amen. "

Fortunately, I pray that the peace of the Spirit and the Spirit, you. I pray that you live your life from the soul where God lives. Be peace in the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen



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