Goodnight Skillful Don Williams

Don Williams. You know him? Off track. The singer and songwriter from America. He's dead and far away. Good night now, Don.

While on this side of the spiritual gap, Don preached and practiced love, peace, unity and progress. It was in his music, which was soothing to the nerves and was still soothing. I'm sure I agree with me here.

In this turbulent world, where many distractions, poverty, violence, crime, unemployment, frustration, man's inhumanity were man, the musical legend was a preaching man

Skills, spinning up and then using words that are transformed into music for the benefit of our world

. His followers are mentally, emotionally, physically and mentally. The healing power of music

Don's music was good for people who were thoughtless, nervous, disgusted, depressed, rejected, repressive, lonely, disappointed, confused. It is spiritually, not necessarily religious.

Music is soothing to the nerves. Positively shares our feelings and feelings. Doctors can theoretically tell our dear readers a thousand and one of the reasons you should listen to cool country music

But from the spiritual angle, country music can help reconsider our subconscious thoughts, being calm, gathered,

Don, singer, songwriter, Preacher Man and Word Teacher was introduced to the American Country Music Hall in 2010.

Born on May 27, 1939 in Floydada, Texas, USA, handed over the other side of the spiritual gap on September 8, 2017. Good night, great soul

Lovers of course music are familiar with and can sing many songs. I believe you are my best friend and Tulsa time with some evergreen songs.

Let me confess here. I love every music, and when Google told the world, the legend of music is dead, at first I was surprised

. But later I spent a few minutes for cosmic masters to keep his soul in peace.

Yes, some Christian friends say that Don is now either in heaven or hell.

My beloved friends believed in heaven or hell, but not. There is no physical place to call heaven or hell.

Don actually created himself in the spiritual plane with his own thoughts, words and deeds on this earth. Maybe he's just singing with cosmic masters and angels, ho ho ho ho ho. God bless my dear readers. God bless humanity



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