Grace and Peace

When I think of the Grace of God I will come to the ecstasy. I find my soul in guiding my mind to the waves of consciousness of God. How could God, who had loved me before all existence, to participate personally in my life? As I try to grasp the unattainable reality of His Grace I suddenly come to a peace that gives you all understanding. Returning to the Reality of His Grace and the Settlement of His Peace, I meet Peter's letters with the believers of the Little Asia, saying "Grace and peace multiplied you …" (I Peter 1: 2, Peter II 1: 3) Just to think that the justice of God's essential treasure is quite oppressive, but to think that it multiplies the Grace of Grace to fully understand. It's like getting out of the tsunami just to see more and more "truth" waves! Oh, that's wonderful! I want to exclaim as David said, "What is it that you know him?" (Psalms 8: 4)

The New Testament letters contain the reader's blessing of grace and peace with the exception of the first and third János. They will be read to understand why they can overcome these words with the intent of the plurality of these foliage, because without the grace of God nobody would be where they were spiritually. Today is the result of God's grace. If it were not for His Grace, then it would be simply a number in the labyrinth of mankind that led the waves of life to a meaningless existence. The world is falling apart. Things happen today that a decade ago our imagination could not have imagined. Many are desperately raising their hands and their sign passes itself to the wave of human deception. Negation and pessimism are even shaken by the mouths of confused disbelievers. As we see the chaos around us, we soon look at Heavenward, hoping to see the clouds and Jesus return to his people.

Early Church faced many problems and challenges. As Paul, Peter, James, Jude and John sent letters, they always performed their message when they acknowledged God's grace and peace. No matter whether his writings were corrective or informative, God's Grace would always be the first and the center. Never allow anything to minimize the truth. God has made the greatest investment in the history of life: he has sent his Son to pay for the man's disobedience. Someone said that God's Grace is defined as C C ; s E xpense. "Because of the grace of God there is the peace of God he controls, in all respects, my eyes can see one thing, but my faith sees something else. Positivism and optimism in our mouth as a river of renewal, because of the negative aspects of life, they were shocked by the number of confessions that experienced the social media with the biased rhetoric that had been heard from other biased people, the disbeliever on the Internet passionate, at least, to promote building materials that would be built instead of breaking it apart! Peter tells his readers that "they have" died of great and precious promises … "and, as a result, they became participants in the divine nature of God. (II. Peter 1: 4) Keep God's Word and allow anyone to contradict his Word, distorts the "shield of our faith".

Multiply God's Grace and Peace!



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