Gray laments

Oh Syria, Syria!

What did you do?

Assassination of Young Citizens,

Women and Children?

Armless, defenseless and helpless:

Destroying the city into twigs

Turning to the spirit of the spirit.

Oh Syria!

The innocent, invites the earth like

An Alien:

Oh Syria! Will not peace be governed?

Children crying,

Helpless, others dead!

What have you done?

What do you build Syria?

Did not you feed enough?

Will not there be peace?

See the Pain of Your Children!

Sorry, Syria. The Mourning of Days

is numbered.

End to wickedness!

Do not you see the blood leak?

Women have spat on widows!

The children turned to orphans!

Are you buying blood with blood?

Where art is your humanity?

The earth bowed while you ate

And wine with its allies!

Dine with wine until

Land groans.

Be alone, hear the noise.

Not the sheep, but the victim

The annoyance that you have freed

Your children wonder …

What crime did they have?

Syria is torn and the world


Gloomy Leaders Who

Never Satisfied. Constantly beast

The innocent blood while

The world's wine, eating and praying

As if nothing had happened!

Is this life?

Is this humanity?

When? When is peace coming back to O Syria?

The refugees how they wanted to return came back to their troubled home. Oh, how long!

Children are looking forward to playing in the streets without gunshots.

Do not you see? See the fear in their eyes! Oh Syria!

The streets of Damascus are empty, they are dead.

How long does it take? Oh Syria!

Enough enough! World leaders, get up and talk!

Speak against genocide; Talk to the deceased,

talk about the murdered cold blood.

Speak against injustice: leaders, leaders talk!

Let him have peace to rule in Syria, Stop it.

The end of the destruction.

Destruction must stop!

Children are dying! Mothers are dying, rats are dying.

Who will stay on earth while everything disappears?

This is not the case, not so: it must be ended. Cease all

Enemies and embrace peace in Syria!

The path of peace is sweeter, embrace love!

The Way of Love is creating a better place for the world.

Must stop and say no to the murders.

Is not there a talk? Then I lend my voice,

So, peace, who would be the witness?

Think! Think! Think!

Oh Syria!



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