Guide to Black Library Book Formats

Black Library is a Games Workshop Limited (GW) company. It only publishes its fiction in the fantastic universe of GW's renowned desktop mini-games, Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer's 40,000 science-fantastic cousin. These miniature games are very popular with teenagers and young adults, especially in the UK and the US.

Since the narrow focus of the Black Library, the modest beginnings in 1997 became a very rich publisher. From 2013, 5-10 new original novels, short historical anthologies or audio dramas will be published. The catalog contains many hit novels, many of which are listed on the New York Times for many weeks.

Since this publisher has succeeded, the catalog of publications has become more and more extensive. Below is a guide to the main formats offered by the Black Library. It also provides a short discussion of some alternative formats, including Horus Heresy audio dramas and upcoming graphic novels.

In summary, each new format consistently indicates that the Black Library has made a strong and decent effort to move its products to a premium segment that reaches a higher market.

first The Bulk Paper Format

The Black Library is undoubtedly a budget for paper-based success with cheap paper-based novels. Since the company was found 15 years ago, these great 10-dollar volleyball details the heroes of medieval knights, or the trials of distant future mariners among fans of Warhammer and the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

There are literally hundreds of complete novels and a wide range of short historical anthologies available in this format. Today, Black Public's public image is closely related to these books.

2nd The Hardcover New Features

Recently, Black Library added to its catalog a short, top-notch format selection in premium format. Typically, these stories are 120-130 pages long, shiny, hard-coated, without a dust bag. You may find an internal art or map in the middle of the book.

Originally, this smaller and relatively expensive format was used to publish stories that are directly related to individual product releases, such as Dark Vengeance Novella, published with a group of miniatures of the same name. This short story has been defined independently of regular novels, which are linked to a fictional environment at managerial level, but not to a specific product released for play.

The format has since been used more freely.

3rd The Black Library Premium Hard-cover

The Black Library's major step in upgrading its products (and corporate image) from money market antiques to a higher-quality publishing company is the introduction of a premium or collector, hardcover version in mid-2012.

These novels likewise resemble multilingual publishers of fiction publishers. They are longer and wider than soft coverings and short stories that are bound in a hard cardboard box and are provided with a covered bag.

These are new collectors; Hardback novels were first introduced in the Black Library's most successful New York Times, which featured Horus Heresy's novel series. This multi-player exploration of the fantastic history of the Games Workshop dystopian sci-fi game universe has been available since 2006.

In 2012, the Black Library began the earlier titles of the Warusmer 40,000 Horus Heresy series, for example the James Swallow Horus Heresy novel Eisenstein in this premium format. First, it publishes all new novels of the series in the premium format, and the soft cover version is usually delayed several months.

It should be noted that these premium hardcovers, unlike soft covers, are not available through retailers or e-commerce sites such as Amazon.


Overall, the diversity of the Black Library's new products reflects the story of branding, marketing, and the fictitious works of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universes as a premium product.

However, given that "budget formats", which form the basis of their success and remain in print and production, this tendency only provides a variety for the buyer. On the basis of the apparent success of the new formats, many of them are cutting the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K fiction in a premium format.



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